Senior Living Apartments

 If you are over 55 then you may have questions about senior citizens apartments. Though
there are many good reasons to consider a senior apartment, each person’s circumstances
differ greatly. For example, some seniors will be looking for apartments that offer a stronger since of community. Other individuals will be looking for senior living alternatives that allow more freedom to travel. Below are some questions that seniors should consider when searching for senior living accommodations.

Senior living and Family

Will I be near family?

In many circumstances, it can be important for the elderly to be near family for physical needs and emotional support. 

Do residents share common areas?

Some independent living facilities feature shared living areas such as cafeterias and sitting areas. It is important to evaluate your personal need for space and privacy.

What are the Parking Arrangements?

Will there be assigned parking or will parking be first come first serve? In addition, some apartments provide free parking for a single personal vehicle. Each additional vehicle may cost extra to park. 

Is this apartment convenient?

You will not want to drive an hour to get to your church, doctor, or favorite grocery stores. Search the area for local alternatives or simply verify the drive or walk time to your most frequently visited areas. Some other conveniences that you may want to consider are; gyms, fast food, hospitals, parks, vets, even entertainment.  

Senior apartments and lighting
Does the living area and floor plan meet your needs?

Many senior apartments will already be handicap accessible. However, there is more to adequate living arrangements than a few handrails. Tile or hardwood floors can be hard on the knees, back, and legs. If this is the case for you, then you may want to find an apartment with carpets instead. On the other hand, carpets can often be bothersome to allergies.

I hope you are beginning to see that senior housing is not one size fits all. 

Other considerations:

Cooking – Does the kitchen offer a stove to meet your cooking needs?

Lighting – Do you read a lot? If so, lighting may be of particular interest to you.

Ventilation – Are there enough screened windows to allow you to enjoy a fall day?

Storage – Will you have enough storage to prevent bringing your golf clubs inside?

Cabinets – How much cabinet space will you require in the kitchen and bath area?

Consider the extra cost.

Many apartments may offer amenities such as a pool or gym. These luxuries are often included in your monthly rent or HOA fees. It is always a good idea to ask about hidden fees and extra costs prior to signing anything. Never assume anything, when in doubt, ask.

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Workout to Look Younger


     Workout to look younger is obviously an attainable goal.  My Pinterest collection Beauty over 50 is a prime example of what’s possible when one puts forth the effort to improve their quality of life.  These pictures are examples of people from all walks of life putting their health as a priority.  They devised a workout to look younger and it has paid off.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more people jumping on the workout bandwagon.  Most folks are staying close to home these days because of social distancing so why not give yourself some piece of mind and added protection by getting into shape.  By the time this is over you could look like a rockstar, or at least a few years younger.

     Getting started is the hardest part for putting together a workout to look younger.  If your sitting down reading this then put your weight on your arms that are supported against the table and lift your knees up to touch the underside of the surface.  Repeat this exercise 10 times.  You officially started on a workout to look younger and feel stronger.  This experiment seems minuscule compared to what’s required to obtain a physique compare to these people, but it’s really not.  Now, stand up and start to sit back down, but before you reach the  seat stand back up.  Repeat this 5 or 10 times.  Then when you finish this article go get some cans or water bottles and lift them straight out in front of you, then bring them back to your sides. Repeat that to a count of 10.  Repeat this everyday but add 1 additional lift or squat.  As your starting to research a specific routine and equipment for your workout over the next week or two, you will already notice a that a change has occurred in your physical strength.  

     I have personally used this tactic to start my workouts that usually lasted for the next couple of years a few times.  The last time I has just turned 50 and gotten up to a ten mile jog to boot.  I placed a few sticky notes around my home to remind me to workout.  As I start getting into shape, I begin to feel younger and forget to workout.  Now my workout to look younger includes brain exercises that you can be download from the App Store along with workout routines.  Also, a smart watch or a Fitbit can help you stay on track with your exercise routine as well as dieting and hydration.  

     Look, we all are staying home more than we like, so why not accomplish something that will boost your mental capacity, physical body, and may actually reverse damage your body has sustained over the years.  Start a workout to look younger action plan today,  and you will be amazed at the difference a month from now.  Why not start a challenge with your friends.  

Cell Phones for the Aging Population

   Cell phones for the aging population require certain features that make them user-friendly.  A dependable familiar brand is just not enough for you to purchase on these criteria alone.  Nowadays cellphones have exciting features that are consumer oriented.  Features like a larger keypad and hearing aid compatibility are important factors to consider.  Furthermore, there are certain carriers that offer discounts and perks geared toward cell phones for the aging population.   Picking out the perfect phone depends on how tech savvy one is as well.  Here we will try to illustrate what works best for you and your situation.   
     Consumer Cellular is a carrier with Award Winning 100% customer support.  They have low monthly fees and no contract plans with a 100% risk-free guarantee.  AARP members enjoy special benefits as well as a 5% discount that applies to their service.  They carry 22 plus different models of phones to choose from with superior nationwide coverage.  Their models include popular brands such as Moto, Samsung, and iPhones  well as some less expensive brands to boot.  Zoro 7050 is their flip phone model that is perfect for seniors.  A well lit high contrast display with appropriately spaced keys make calling and texting easy.  This phone also features an assistance button for quickly calling emergency contacts.  This is a very affordable service that can fit the needs for many seniors and are worth a look if you like quality and value.
     Great Call is another carrier that offers great options for cell phones for the aging population.  Just as the previous carrier, Great Call offers nationwide award-winning customer support as well as AARP discount options.  These two carriers are the most popular among all the plans and they also offer the most affordable prices.  Great Call Service includes an urgent response team 24 seven by the touch of a button for highly qualified IAED train agents that will get you the response you need with GPS location assistance to get to you quickly during an emergency.   Furthermore, they offer a linking service to keep your family and friends updated in case of an emergency and they also offer a ride link service.  They are partnered with Lyft to get you where you need to go.  With Great Call you can talk to a nurse or a board-certified physician in any dire medical situation that you may find yourself in and they will stay on the line with you until an ambulance arrives at your location.  Their services also include medical alert devices that can detect falls which is great in the event that you become unconscious and need immediate medical attention.  These are wonderful options for seniors that are not in good health or any of us and really you can’t beat that for the price.

    Another carrier to consider when purchasing cell phones for the aging populations is Sprint with their unlimited 55+ plan for data users.  Others to consider include Verizon and AT&T who offer extensive coverage as well as t-Mobile with a data packages for travelers.
     Making sure you select the right phone for your special needs are imperative.  When selecting your new cell phone consider the size and lighting of your display and the size of the keys, these are some of the biggest complaints among elderly users.  Also consider the features that come with the phone such a safety features used in emergencies such as alert buttons with one push options to get hold of someone fast.   Other things to consider and compare our hearing aid ability accessibility .  Touch assist and text-to-speech are other options that are available to help seniors who have a problem typing with a tiny keys.   All things considered doing due diligence to research your options will be time well spent.  With the technological advances that are available, your cell phone can be more than just a communication device for you.  Cell phones for the aging population have come along way to equip the elderly with another tool to remain independent.

     Listed below are some phone models that are offered via amazon or whatever phone provider you choose.  These offer a lot of the features mentioned in this article.  Most carriers will allow you to bring your on phone if you choose or you can finance one through their plan with low monthly payments.  For seniors that are low income or on federal assistance may qualify for a free cellphone and service through the Federal Communication Commissions Lifeline Program.  Their service providers include but not limited to Access Wireless, Assurance Wireless, Safelink Wireless, Qlink Wireless, and en Touch Wireless.  Clearly you can see that cell phones for the aging population is available for everyone requardless of income.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get signed up today.


Coffee Stats that will Blow Your Mind

    I once visited a relative in an assisted living facility; he smoked so we sat outdoors on the patio with the other smokers. An elderly man walked up and sat down beside me, but instead of a cigarette, he sipped a cup of coffee. He was very friendly and as we talked, he told me that the doctor had advised no coffee or caffeine because it was bad for his heart. “But I enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning,” he said. He said that the nurse on duty would fuss at him if she saw him with a morning coffee, so to avoid any conflict; he hid out with the smokers. I thought about that gentleman recently and I wondered how much coffee is consumed daily. After browsing the web, I came up with some interesting facts about Americans and coffee.

The amount of caffeine in coffee does pose certain health risks to certain individuals and you should always talk to your doctor before making any dietary or lifestyle changes.

  • Within the U.S., 64% of adults report drinking at least one cup of coffee on an average day. (Motley Fool) 
  • Approximately 150 million Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee per day -- or more than 140 billion cups per year -- making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world. (Motley Fool)  
  • Moreover, 26% of U.S. coffee drinkers consider themselves addicted to coffee, reports Gallup. Yet just 10% want to cut back. (Motley Fool)  
  • The average American office worker drinks about 20 cups of coffee per week, which equals 1040 cups per year. Over an entire career (from age 18 to age 60), a typical employee will drink about 47,840 cups of coffee. (Hamilton Beach)  
  • The average price consumers are paying for a cup of coffee across all restaurant categories (quick and full service) is $2.99 
  • At Starbucks, the country’s most well-known coffee chain, customers pay between $1.95 and $2.15 for a tall (12-ounce) brewed coffee, depending on the location. (Market Watch)  
  • Preparing coffee at home will save you nearly $427 per year compared to buying coffee from gourmet coffee shops. (Lazy Man and Money)

The trends show that the majority of Americans love coffee. Some folks do not mind paying extra for a premium cup of coffee; others will choose to save a few bucks and brew coffee at home. Some individuals in the workforce will use 20 cups per week, and others enjoy a small cup on the patio with their smoking friends. 

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Senior Citizens can go to College for Free or at a Discount in all 50 States.


    Extending your education well into your senior years is not only fun, it can also give you something to engage in outside of your home.  Continued learning has proven to be beneficial to your health.   Keeping sharp and putting your brain to greater use on a regular basis has shown to decrease risk for alzheimer's and dementia.    All states have at least some type of program benefiting senior citizens who would like to go back to school,  either for an actual degree or just single classes to further interests, or simply to improve quality of life.  Click HERE for a more in depth list of virtually EVERY college in EVERY state with links to their homepage as well as additional resources directly regarding senior citizens. 


Two year colleges are entirely free for seniors in the state of Alabama.  

Here is a list of all colleges in the state of Alabama. 

Alabama Financial Aid policy


Tuition information for the University of Alaska in regards to senior citizens.  If you receive full social security benefits then the University of Alaska will waive college tuition for you.  

All other colleges in the State of Alaska 


Several Colleges in Arizona give discounts to senior citizens.  

Maricopa Community Colleges encourages the pursuit of education as a lifelong endeavor. Students ages 65 and older who are residents of Maricopa County can take advantage of a tuition discount for credit classes at all 10 Maricopa Community Colleges campuses.


6-60-204. Waiver of general student fee charges for senior citizens. When any person sixty (60) years of age or older is admitted and enrolls as a student in any state-supported institution of higher learning in this state, the board of trustees of the institution or other appropriate institutional officials shall waive all the general student fee charges for each student on a space-available basis in existing classes. Fees will be waived only for courses organized to grant credit and recognized by the Department of Higher Education for credit.

Here is an extensive list of colleges in Arkansas where you can find Senior Discounts.  


Hart Senior Center has many resources for Seniors, located in California.  

California State University Waives all tuition for students 60 and older.   More Resources for Seniors in the state of California can be found HERE.  


Colorado State University-                     Registrar's Office (970) 491-7148

* If you are 62 years or older you may attend the university on a space available basis at no cost.  You are required to fill out the Senior Citizens Class Visitation Request that can be found at the aforementioned link.

For information on other colleges and universities in Colorado in regards to Senior Citizens.  Click Here


The University of Connecticut  (UCONN)  Senior Citizens Page. 

"3. Senior Citizen (62 or older -part-time) -A full waiver of the Extension fee (summer and winter sessions) is authorized for any Connecticut resident sixty-two years or older providing that at the end of the regular registration period there is space available in the course(s) in which they intend to enroll"

Comprehensive list of colleges in connecticut offering waivers. 


"The Boards of Trustees of the University of DelawareDelaware State University, and Delaware Technical and Community College are hereby authorized and directed to establish, by not later than the fall quarter of 1986, a program whereby citizens of this State who are 60 years of age or older, and who are formal degree candidates, may attend classes for credit or audit without payment of application, course registration or other related fees"

Delaware University

More Colleges in Delaware


 "A state university may waive any or all application, tuition, and related fees for persons 60 years of age or older who are residents of this state and who attend classes for credit. No academic credit shall be awarded for attendance in classes for which fees are waived under this subsection.

Florida State University Senior Program

more Senior Citizens college info for the state of Florida. 


“The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia shall be authorized to establish programs allowing attendance at units of the University System of Georgia without payment of tuition or other fees, but the General Assembly may provide by law for the establishment of any such program for the benefit of elderly citizens of the state . “

Dalton State Senior Citizen application

University of Georgia 62 or older.

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for the state of Georgia. 


     "Some colleges throughout Hawaii offer senior citizens the opportunity to attend college free of charge on a non-credit bases through various programs.  In most cases permanent records are not kept and if credit is desired then tuition must be paid depending on the University."

University of Hawaii at Manoa 

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for Hawaii. 


"Idaho resident Senior Citizens who do not wish to earn credit are authorized to audit classes on a space-available basis at no cost except for special course fees, if any."   - Boise State Website 

Boise State Senior citizen information

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for other colleges in Idaho


 "Each public institution of higher education shall permit senior citizens accepted for admission to enroll without the payment of tuition in regularly scheduled credit courses, other than credit courses designed specifically for senior citizens, provided that available classroom space exists and tuition paying students enrolled constitute the minimum number required for the course."

Chicago State University -

Contact Info :773.995.2304  Senior Program

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for Illinois Seniors. 


"Under the Senior Scholars program announced Monday, residents at least 60 years of age can enroll in college credit courses tuition-free at all Community Colleges of Indiana, Ivy Tech State College and Vincennes University campuses"        -November 2000 Chicago Tribune

Indiana State Senior Citizen application

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information For Indiana Seniors

15.  IOWA

If you are a senior citizen and reside in the 
state of Iowa there are a few colleges that offer some educational opportunities

Osher lifelong learning institute at Iowa State

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information In Regards to Senior Citizens in Iowa


In accordance with the Kansas Board of Regents policy, students who are at least 60 years of age and a resident of Kansas may audit (no-credit) regular lecture or certain group activity courses – when there is space available and for which they meet the prerequisites – without payment of tuition and student fees.

Wichita State University  Senior Citizens Program

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for Kansas


"(1) When any person sixty-five (65) years of age or older, who is a resident of the Commonwealth, is admitted and enrolls as a student in any state-supported institution of higher learning in this Commonwealth, the board of trustees of the institution or other appropriate institution officials shall waive all tuition charges and fees for such student, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section.

(2) In the event that classes are full or the granting of free admission requires additional units, the institution may deny admission under this section."

University of Kentucky Donovan Program for Seniors.

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information pertaining to Kentucky Residents over 65. 


"Any person age fifty-five years or over who registers for one or more courses of instruction at a public college or university in this state and who is a resident of this state shall be exempt from the payment of tuition and other registration fees and shall receive a fifty percent reduction in the cost of textbooks, reference books, manuals, and other aids to instruction which are required by any course in which such student is enrolled when purchased from a public college or university operated bookstore."

Grambling State University offering Free Tuition for seniors limited to 3 credit hours per semester. 

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information


"For the purpose of administering this waiver, “senior citizens” are defined as Maine residents who are, or will become, 65 years of age during the semester for which they are requesting the waiver.
The Board of Trustees authorizes the waiver of tuition for senior citizens who register for undergraduate courses on a credit basis at any unit of the University of Maine System.  Applicants must establish financial need."

University of Maine at Augusta Senior Waiver  information. 

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information


It is the policy of the University of Maryland System to
extend special privileges, where practicable, to senior citizens
who are residents of the State of Maryland. The term "senior
citizen" includes any individual who is sixty years of age or
older, who is retired and whose chief income is derived from
retirement benefits,and who is not employed full time.
Privileges to be extended to such individuals shall include,
subject to certain conditions, waiver of tuition for
undergraduate and graduate courses, use of the libraries, and
such other privileges as individual institutions shall determine."

University of Baltimore Senior Citizens Waiver form. 

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for the state of Maryland


University of Massachusetts Boston Senior Tuition Info. 

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute for applicants over the age of 50. 

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information


"MICHIGAN. There is no mandated tuition waiver for Michigan seniors, but some schools offer one. Western Michigan University's Senior Citizens Opportunity Program in Education grants residents 62 and older tuition-free enrollment in one class per semester (not for credit)"

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for Seniors in the State of Michigan.     


"1.Fees and tuition.Except for an administration fee established by the governing board at a level to recover costs, to be collected only when a course is taken for credit, a senior citizen who is a legal resident of Minnesota is entitled without payment of tuition or activity fees to attend courses offered for credit, audit any courses offered for credit, or enroll in any noncredit courses in any state supported institution of higher education in Minnesota when space is available after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated."

Lake Superior college Senior Tuition prices

Hennepin Technical College Senior Tuition Information

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  for senior citizen prospective students in the state of Minnesota. 


. Any Missouri resident who is at least sixty-five years of age on or before August first of a school year and who possesses the qualifications set forth in this section shall be awarded a scholarship to a state educational institution, as the term is defined in section 176.010, of the person's choice. Such scholarship shall consist of an exemption from tuition at the institution attended

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for lifelong learners in the state of Missouri. 


No state statute found for senior tuition, but there are plenty of colleges and universities offering there own programs for Seniors. 

Jackson State University School of Lifelong Learning providing a total quality of life learning experience for persons over the age of 55. 

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for Mississippi


Senior citizens are granted tuition waivers by the Montana Board of Regents.  You may qualify if you meet all of the requirements prior to the start of the semester.

  • Classified as in-state resident for university fees and
  • at least sixty-five years old

University of Montana Senior Tuition Waiver

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  for seniors going back to college. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  for senior age individuals who would like to go to college in NEBRASKA. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for residents of Nevada. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for colleges in NEW Hampshire.  


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for NEW JERSEY.  

                                                Photo by BBC Creative on Unsplash


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for all colleges in NEW MEXICO. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for NEW YORK.


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for those interested in going back to college in North Carolina. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for North Dakota. 

35. OHIO

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for the state of Ohio. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  for Oklahoma. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for colleges located in Oregon. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for qualifying adults in Pennsylvania. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  for Rhode Island. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for S.C.  


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  for seniors living in South Dakota. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for students residing in TN. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Info for the state of TEXAS. 

44. UTAH

More Senior Citizens Tuition Information for Utah. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  for VERMONT. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  Virgina. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  for the state of Washington. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information  for West Virginian's


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information in Wisconsin. 


More Senior Citizens Tuition Information in Wyoming. 


"Audit Undergraduate Courses at Georgetown

People over 65 years of age in the Washington, D.C., area now have a daytime opportunity to continue their lifelong pursuit of learning."

Georgetown Senior Citizens Information  

Safe Travels During the Covid-19 Season

For starters, I would like to get my disclaimer out of the way by saying that I am not a doctor and I do not play one on the internet. I am a traveler who has had the opportunity to visit countries such as Israel, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and many others. During my travels, I have gathered some good tips on how to travel safely. A few of these life-lessons have come in handy during this Covid-19 season.

Take Sanitizer

This may sound like common sense, but I am not referring to hand sanitizer only. My wife and I have made it a habit to take a bottle of sanitizing cleaner or Lysol spray when we go on trips. Before we unload our luggage, we do a thorough cleaning of any surfaces that we routinely touch. This includes any high-traffic areas such as doorknobs, handles, and countertop surfaces

Plan outdoor activities 

We recently went on a six-night trip, and every day we planned outdoor activities. For your next trip, think outdoors; hiking, biking, fishing, golf, beaches, etc

There is a long list of outdoor activities and many outdoor options are cheaper. This may save you a few bucks and keep you safer by avoiding the crowded indoor areas

Image by Alison Updyke
Plan a road trip

We have become quite fond of taking road trips. Along the way, we generally look for consignment shops and antique stores. Traveling in your personal vehicle is generally much safer than flying and if you have the time to spare then you will likely save a few bucks. In our experience, antique malls are generally not overly congested and it is very easy to social distance. 

Wear a mask

You have likely heard this on the news, the radio, your local newspapers, magazines, and even mega-sized billboards. Anywhere that this message can be displayed, it has been. This truly is one of the best ways to not only protect yourself but also to protect others

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