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Pennsylvania: Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver and Discount

                Photo by Raj Ghandi This is a comprehensive guide for all senior citizen tuition waivers, discounts, and auditable classes in the state of Pennsylvania.  I am working hard to get the information up-to-date covering all fifty states, which is quite a feat.  To stay informed on all free classes for seniors near me, check back often for the most recent updates. Many colleges, universities, and community colleges offer tuition waivers for senior citizens in their area.  Here is a list of institutions that may or may not offer waivers and discounts. State-Related Colleges and Universities Lincoln University   Contact Info: 484.365.8000 No tuition waiver information was found for senior citizens. Pennsylvania State University   Contact Info: 814.865.4700 These are the campuses in the Penn State System. Here is more news about the Penn State GO-60 Program which leads me to believe that this program applies to all colleges in this university system.   Penn State Abi