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"Senior Citizens For the purpose of administering this waiver, “senior citizens” are defined as Maine  residents who are, or will become, 65 years of age during the semester for which they are requesting the waiver. The Board of Trustees authorizes the waiver of tuition for senior citizens who register for undergraduate courses on a credit basis at any unit of the University of Maine System.  Applicants must establish financial need." This information is cited from this link . Here is a list of the Public Universities in Maine. University of Maine System University of Maine at Augusta - Contact Info: 1.877.862.1234 * Senior citizens tuition waivers are need based.  For more information click here . University of Maine at Farmington - Contact Info: 207.778.7000 University of Maine at Fort Kent Contact Info: Here is the application for tuition waiver for senior citizens. University of Maine at Machias - http


In searching for an exact statute concerning tuition waivers for senior citizens in the state of Louisiana , I have been unable to locate it.  However, I will continue to look and update this entry when I can locate it.  Here are a list of all colleges, universities and community colleges in the state.  Not all instituitions may have senior citizens waiver or discounts including some of the ones listed below.  Colleges that I found a direct indication that they provided discounts or free tuition has a link underneath the college. Update:  Concerning RS 17: 1807 "§1807. Persons over fifty-five; exemption from tuition; fifty percent reduction in cost of textbooks A. Any person age fifty-five years or over who registers for one or more courses of instruction at a public college or university in this state and who is a resident of this state shall be exempt from the payment of tuition and other registration fees and shall receive a fifty percent reduction in the cost of textbooks,


This is the statute concerning college tuition waivers in the state of Kentucky . " 164.284 Waiver of tuition and fees for person sixty-five or older -- Conditions. (1) When any person sixty-five (65) years of age or older, who is a resident of the Commonwealth, is admitted and enrolls as a student in any state-supported institution of higher learning in this Commonwealth, the board of trustees of the institution or other appropriate institution officials shall waive all tuition charges and fees for such student, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section. (2) In the event that classes are full or the granting of free admission requires additional units, the institution may deny admission under this section. History: Created 1976 Ky. Acts ch. 319, sec. 1"   Here is a list of the public universities in Kentucky:   Eastern Kentucky University - Contact Info: 859.622.2106 Kentucky State University - Co