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An Implant That could cure Cancer in Just 60 Days?

   Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash Researchers are working on an implant that could cure cancer in just 60 days and reduce mortality rates by 50%.        According to a group of researchers at Rice University who have secured $45 million in funding for a unique, implant-based treatment system that could reduce cancer death rates by 50%, curing cancer could soon be as simple as a few clicks on your smartphone.      The funds, granted by the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, will be used to develop "sense-and-respond implant technology," with the aim to improve the outcomes of immunotherapy treatments for hard-to-treat cancers.     Omid Veiseh, a Rice bioengineer, and the project's principal investigator said in a statement:  "Instead of tethering patients to hospital beds, IV bags, and external monitors, we'll use a minimally invasive procedure to implant a 3-inch abdominal device that continuously monitors their caner's rapidly mutating cells and