Many colleges, universities, and community colleges throughout the state of Oregon provides tuition waivers and discount for their senior citizens.  For those campuses where no tuition waiver or discount was found, call the institution and inquire about fees using the contacts provided below.  Just because a discount or waiver was not found doesn't mean that one does not exist.

Public Universities and State Colleges

Eastern Oregon University - http://www.eou.edu/
Contact Info: 541.962.3672
No senior citizens tuition waiver information found.

Oregon Health and Science University - http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/
Contact Info: 503.494.8311
No senior citizens tuition waiver information found.

Oregon Institute of Technology - http://www.oit.edu/
Contact Info: 541.885.1000
Senior citizens instruction fee.

Oregon State University - http://oregonstate.edu/
Contact Info: 541.737.1000
Senior citizens tuition waiver information.

Portland State University - http://www.pdx.edu/
Contact Info: 503.725.3000
No tuition waiver information found.

Southern Oregon University - http://www.sou.edu/
Contact Info: 541.552.7672
Senior citizens tuition waiver information on page 8 of this document.

University of Oregon - http://www.uoregon.edu/
Contact Info: 541.346.1000
Senior citizens tuition waiver information.

Western Oregon Universityhttp://www.wou.edu/
Contact Info: 503.838.3000
No tuition waiver information found.

Public Technical and Community Colleges

Blue Mountain Community College - http://www.bluecc.edu/
Contact Info: 541.276.1260
Senior citizen audit information on page 19 of this document.

Central Oregon Community College -http://www.cocc.edu/
Contact Info: 541.383.7700
No tuition waiver information found.

Chemeketa Community College - http://www.chemeketa.edu/
Contact Info: 503.399.5000
Non-credit classes for fun is $3.50 per credit hour.

Clackamas Community College - http://www.clackamas.edu/index.aspx
Contact Info: 503.594.6000
Senior programs.
" Policy review AR 602-001: As the Board does not adopt administrative regulations, this item has been brought forward as an information item. This regulation has been reviewed internally and recommendations presented and approved at College Council and Presidents’ Council. The 2009-11 Legislatively approved Bill requiring community colleges to adopt a policy or regulation allowing Senior Citizens 65 years of age or older to audit lower division transfer courses if space is available after the regular registration period ends.  It was clarified that student tuition waivers for participation in ASG student leadership roles are included under the heading “Student Talent”.
Clatsop Community College - http://www.clatsopcc.edu/
Contact Info:  503.338.2411
Senior citizens tuition waiver and Gold Card Tuition Discount information.

Columbia Gorge Community College - http://www.cgcc.cc.or.us/
Contact Info: 541.506.6011
Senior citizen tuition discount.

Klamath Community College - https://www.klamathcc.edu/default.aspx
Contact Info: 541.822.3521
Senior citizens tuition waiver information.

Lane Community College - http://www.lanecc.edu/
Contact Info: 541.463.3000
Successful Aging Institute for lifelong learning on page 254 of this document.  For more information call 541.463.4634

Linn-Benton Community College - http://www.linnbenton.edu/
Contact Info: 541.917.4811
62+ Discount.

Mount Hood Community College - http://www.mhcc.edu/
Contact Info: 503.491.6422
No tuition waiver information for senior citizens found.

Oregon Coast Community College - http://www.oregoncoastcc.org/
Contact Info: 541.265.2283
No tuition information for senior citizens found.  Catalog currently under construction.

Portland Community College - http://www.pcc.edu/
Contact Info: 971.722.6111
Senior Options.

Rogue Community College - http://www.roguecc.edu/
Contact Info: For Campuses
@ Redwood 541.956.7500
@ Riverside  and Table Rock 541.245.7500
No tuition waiver information found for senior citizens.

Southwestern Oregon Community College - http://www.socc.edu/
Contact Info: 541.888.2525
Tuition information for 65+ auditing classes.
Tillamook Bay Community College - http://www.tbcc.cc.or.us/
Contact Info: 503.842.8222
Golden Age 50% Tuition Discount Information for those 62 and over.

Treasure Valley Community College - http://www.tvcc.cc.or.us/
Contact Info: 541.881.8822
No tuition waiver information for senior citizens found.

Umpqua Community College - http://www.umpqua.edu/
Contact Info: 541.440.4600
Tuition information for Senior Gold Card holder 60 and over.

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"2) Specific Scholarships Authorized by the State Regents and/or by the Legislature: The State Regents and/or the Legislature have authorized tuition waiver scholarships for specific purposes such as auditing of classes by senior citizens; former prisoners of war and/or missing in action and their dependent children; dependent children of deceased peace officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical technicians who have given their lives in the line of duty; and to the children of Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System members who lost their lives in the line of duty or whose disability is by means of personal and traumatic injury of a catastrophic nature; graduate assistants; exchange students on a reciprocal basis; recipients of the Oklahoma State Regents Academic Scholars Program; recipients of Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarships; students in the custody of the Department of Human Services; and qualified concurrently enrolled high school seniors enrolled in one to six credit hours. These scholarships are not subject to the 3.5 percent limitation. "
This excerpt was taken from this website: http://www.okhighered.org/studies-reports/tuition-waiver-08-09.pdf

Considering that the Board of Regents approves tuition waiver scholarships for the purpose of auditing classes by senior citizens, those institution with no information found should be contacted to make sure that tuition waivers are in fact available for senior citizens.
State Universities

Cameron Universityhttp://www.cameron.edu/
Contact Info:580.581.2200
No senior citizen tuition waiver information found.

East Central Universityhttp://www.ecok.edu/
Contact Info: 580.332.6347
No senior citizen tuition waiver information found.

Langston Universityhttp://www.langston.edu/
Contact Info: 877.466.2231
No senior citizen tuition waiver information found.

Northeastern State Universityhttp://www.nsuok.edu/
Contact Info: For Campuses
@ Tahlequah 918.456.5511
@ Broken Arrow 918.449.6000
@ Muskogee 918.683.0040
No tuition waiver information for senior citizens found.

Northwestern Oklahoma State Universityhttp://www.nwosu.edu/
Contact Info: 580.327.1700
No tuition waiver information found.

Oklahoma Panhandle State Universityhttp://www.opsu.edu/
Contact Info: 580.349.2611
No tuition waiver information found.

Oklahoma State University - http://osu.okstate.edu/welcome/
Contact Info: For Campuses
Senior citizens tuition waiver information @ Oklahoma City.  This may apply at all campuses.
@Stillwater 405.744.5000
@Oklahoma City 405.947.2241
@Tulsa 918.594.8000
@ Center for Health Sciences 918.582.1972
@ OSU Institute of Technology 800.722.4471

Rogers State Universityhttp://www.rsu.edu/
Contact Info: 800.256.7511
Senior citizens tuition waiver information.

Southeastern Oklahoma State Universityhttp://www.se.edu/
Contact Info: 580.745.2000
Call the office for continuing education at 580.745.2871 for more information about senior citizens educational opportunities.

Southwestern Oklahoma State Universityhttp://www.swosu.edu/
Contact Info: 580.774.3786
No tuition waiver information found.

University of Central Oklahomahttp://www.uco.edu/
Contact Info: 405.974.2000
Tuition waiver information for senior citizens.

University of Oklahomahttp://www.ou.edu/web.html
Contact Info: 405.325.0311
No tuition waiver information found for senior citizens.

University of Science & Arts of Oklahomahttp://m.usao.edu/
Contact Info: 800.933.8726
No tuition waiver information found.
State colleges

Carl Albert State Collegehttp://www.carlalbert.edu/
Contact Info: 918.647.1300
No tuition waiver information found.

Connors State Collegehttp://www.connorsstate.edu/
Contact Info: 918.687.6747
Regents fee waiver information found here.

Eastern Oklahoma State Collegehttp://www.eosc.edu/
Contact Info: 918.465.2361
No tuition waiver information for senior citizens found.

Murray State Collegehttp://www.mscok.edu/
Contact Info: 580.371.2371
No tuition waiver information found.

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Collegehttp://www.neo.edu/
Contact Info: 918.542.8441
@ Grove 918.787.5475
No tuition waiver information for senior citizens found.

Northern Oklahoma Collegehttp://www.north-ok.edu/main
Contact Info: 580.628.6200
No tuition waiver information for senior citizens found.

Oklahoma City Community Collegehttp://www.occc.edu/
Contact Info:405.682.1611
Senior citizens audit information.

Redlands Community Collegehttp://www.redlandscc.edu/
Contact Info: 405.262.2552
No tution waiver information found.

Rose State Collegehttp://www.rose.edu/
Contact Info: 866.621.0987
Senior citizens tuition waiver information.

Seminole State Collegehttp://www.sscok.edu/
Contact Info: 405.382.9950
No tuition waiver information found.

Tulsa Community Collegehttp://www.tulsacc.edu/
Contact Info: 918.595.7000
Senior citizens tuition waiver information on page 16 of this document.

Western Oklahoma State Collegehttp://www.wosc.edu/
Contact Info: 580.477.2000
No tuition waiver information found.

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Program 60-"2006 Ohio Code - 3345.27. Senior citizens to attend classes on a nontuition, noncredit, space available basis; tuition or fee for receiving credit.sd"
Read more about this at Justia US Law.

"If you do not see a direct link to a particular waiver, then contact that instituition for more information."
University System of Ohio - http://uso.edu/

Main Campus

Bowling Green State University - http://www.bgsu.edu/
Contact Info: 419.372.2531
@ Firelands
No senior citizen tuition waiver information found.

Central State University - http://www.centralstate.edu/index.php
Contact Info: 937.376.6011
Tuition waivers for senior citizens.

Cleveland State University - http://www.csuohio.edu/
Contact Info: 216.687.2000
Tuition waiver information for senior citizens.

Kent State University - http://www.kent.edu/
Contact Info:330.672.3000
Tuition waiver information for senior citizens.
@ Ashtabula - http://www.ashtabula.kent.edu/  440.964.4395
@ East Liverpool - http://www.eliv.kent.edu/  330.385.3805
@ Geauga - http://www.geauga.kent.edu/  440.384.4187
@ Salem - http://www.salem.kent.edu/  330.332.0361
@ Stark - http://www.stark.kent.edu/ 330.535.3377
@ Trumball - http://www.trumbull.kent.edu/index.cfm 330.847.0571
@ Tuscarawas - http://www.tusc.kent.edu/ 330.339.3391

Miami University - http://www.miami.muohio.edu/
Contact Info - 513.529.1809
Tuition waiver information is on page 4 of this document.
@ Hamilton  513.785.3000

@ Middletown 513.727.3200
Northeast Ohio Medical University - http://www.neoucom.edu/
Contact Info: 800.686.2511
No tuition waiver information for senior citizens found.

Ohio State University - http://www.osu.edu/
Contact Info for Program 60: 614.292.8860 for all campuses.
Senior citizen tuition waiver information.
@ Agriculture Technical Institute
@ Lima
@ Mansfield
@ Marion
@ Newark

Ohio University - http://www.ohio.edu/
Contact Info: 740.593.1000
Senior Citizens’ 60–Plus Program.
@ Chillicothe 740.774.7200
@ Eastern 740.695.1720
@ Lancastern 740.654.6711
@ Pickerington 614.367.9371 
@ Southern 740.533.4600
@ Zanesville 740.453.0762

Shawnee State University - http://www.shawnee.edu/
Contact Info: 740.351.4778
Tuition waiver information for this institution.

University of Akron - http://www.uakron.edu/
Contact Info: 330.972.7111
Sixty Plus (60+) Program.

University of Cincinnati - http://www.uc.edu/
Contact Info: 513.556.4335
No tuition waiver information found.
@ Clarmont College
@ Raymond Walters College

University of Toledo - http://www.utoledo.edu/
Contact Info: 800.586.5336
Program 60 information for applicants.

Wright State University - http://www.wright.edu/
Contact Info: 937.775.3333
Senior citizens 60 and up enrollment program.

Youngstown State University - http://web.ysu.edu/home
Contact Info: 330.941.3000
College for the Over Sixty

Community College

Belmont Technical College - http://www.btc.edu/
Contact Info: 740.695.9500
Senior citizen scholarship.
@ North Center 740.942.2222
@ Monroe County Center 740.472.5468

Central Ohio Technical College - http://www.cotc.edu/Pages/index.aspx
Contact Info: For each campus.
Senior citizen tuition information on page 32 of this document.
@ The Newark Campus 740.366.9494
@ The Coshocton Campus 740.622.1408
@ The Knox Campus 740.392.2526
@ The Pataskala Campus 740.964.7090

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College - http://www.cincinnatistate.edu/
Contact Info: 513.221.0361
Senior citizen tuition information.

Clark State Community College - http://www.clarkstate.edu/
Contact Info: 1.877.412.5275
No tuition waiver for senior citizens found.
@ Leffel Lane Campus 937.325.0691
@ Greene Center 937.429.8819

Columbus State Community College - http://www2.cscc.edu/
Contact Info: 614.287.5353
No tuition waiver information found.
@ The Delaware Campus 740.203.8000

Cuyahoga Community College - http://www.tri-c.edu/Pages/default.aspx
Contact Info: 800.954.8742
Senior Adult Education Opportunities.

Eastern Gateway Community College - http://www.egcc.edu/
Contact Info: Campus Numbers
Senior citizens tuition information.
@ Choffin Career & Technical Center 330.744.8710
@ Columbiana County Career & Technical Center 330.424.4053 ext.209
@ Jefferson County Campus 740.264.5591
@ Mahoning County Career & Technical Center 330.729.4100
@ Trumbull Career & Technical Center 330.847.0503 ext.1623
@ The Valley Center 330.884.0860
@ The Warren Center 330.393.0331

Edison State Community College - http://www.edisonohio.edu/
Contact Info: 937.778.8600
Call institution about tuition.  Here is the senior citizen registration information.
@ Darke County Campus 937.548.5546

Hocking College - http://www.hocking.edu/
Contact Info: 740.753.3591
Senior citizens tuition information.

Lakeland Community College - http://lakelandcc.edu/
Contact Info: 440.525.7000
Senior citizens tuition information.

Lorain County Community College - http://www.lorainccc.edu/
Contact Info: 440.365.5222
Senior citizens tuition information.

Marion Technical College - http://www.mtc.edu/
Contact Info: 740.389.3646
Senior citizen fee waiver.

North Central State College - http://www.ncstatecollege.edu/cms/index.php
Contact Info: 419.755.4800
No tuition waiver information found.

Northwest State Community College - http://www.northweststate.edu/
Contact Info: 419.267.5511
Senior citizen discount on page 16 of this document.

Owens Community College - https://www.owens.edu/
Contact Info: 567.661.7777
No senior citizen tuition waivers found.

Rhodes State College - http://www.rhodesstate.edu/
Contact Info: 419.995.8000
No senior citizens tuition waivers found.

Sinclair Community College - http://www.sinclair.edu/
Contact Info: 800.315.3000
Senior citizens tuition waiver information.

Southern State Community College - http://www.sscc.edu/
Contact Info: 800.628.7722
No senior citizens tuition waiver information found.

Stark State College - http://www.starkstate.edu/
Contact Info: 330.494.6170
Senior citizens discounted tuition information.

Terra State Community College - http://www.terra.edu/
Contact Info: 419.334.8400
Lifelong Learning information.

Washington State Community College - http://www.wscc.edu/
Contact Info: 740.374.8416
Lifelong learning students.

Zane State College - http://www.zanestate.edu/
Contact Info: 740.464.2501
Check with college.  They do have a discount or waiver.
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