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Funeral Home Rip Offs

    Photo by  Malcolm Green  on  Unsplash   Funeral Home rip-offs are often an unfortunate result that is born after a family tragedy.  This is a time when the entire family is completely devastated and not thinking clearly.  Many emotional feelings consume us and cloud our judgment when making important financial decisions.  Especially, when an unexpected tragedy occurs that tosses our world upside down and decisions and preparations must be made quickly when we are the most vulnerable.  That is when funeral home rip-offs are most likely to occur.      Most people do not realize that funeral home rip-offs even occur.  Most assume the cost of a funeral is going to be outrageous and they want the best for their loved one no matter the price.  Most funeral homes are more than happy to sit down with you and make sure nothing is forgotten during your time of sorrow.  You are either on this side of the coin trying to save money or on the other side trying to meet  preconceived expecta