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A Cooking App You Must Try

      Photo via gemma          Boy, do I have a cooking app you must try.   I don’t usually post about such things but this app is so impressive that you will never know how you lived without it.  I just stumbled upon this blessing in disguise and I feel it’s just as necessary as having a driver's license.  And I couldn’t be more serious.      What is it and why is it so great.  It is an app called SuperCook.  Some of you already know what I am talking about.  When you download this completely free app, you will find it to be time-consuming at first, but oh so worth it.  You start by going through your cabinets and checking off every ingredient in your cupboards, freezer, and refrigerator. The app is full of ingredients and you just check off everything you have in the kitchen.  The first time I did this it took me over an hour to complete.      What was the result?  32,849 recipes populated when I thought there was nothing to cook.  These recipes come from popular sites all over t

Educational Pursuits Benefit from Useful Websites

      Photo by Carl Heyerdahl            Your educational pursuits benefit from useful websites that can be advantageous to a successful academic outcome.  Long gone are the days of idly sitting by taking notes from some long-winded professor.  There are so many useful websites and apps nowadays that make studying and doing homework a breeze.  Let’s get acquainted with a few that will start you out on a path to success.  Listed below are some of the more widely used sites around.      First, you must download Grammarly.  Grammarly is a keyboard and editor app that takes your writing to a whole new level.  It corrects more than just spelling and punctuation.  It is a writing assistant that helps improve clarity and engagement as well as correct grammatical errors.  Download the keyboard or you can add the extension to your browser and improve your writing today.      Next, a website called WolframAlpha is an exceptional site known for its computational power when solving any and all mat