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Safe Travels During the Covid-19 Season

For starters, I would like to get my disclaimer out of the way by saying that I am not a doctor and I do not play one on the internet. I am a traveler who has had the opportunity to visit countries such as Israel, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and many others. During my travels, I have gathered some good tips on how to travel safely. A few of these life lessons have come in handy during this Covid-19 season.

Take Sanitizer

This may sound like common sense, but I am not referring to hand sanitizer only. My wife and I have made it a habit to take a bottle of sanitizing cleaner or Lysol spray when we go on trips. Before we unload our luggage, we do a thorough cleaning of any surfaces that we routinely touch. This includes any high-traffic areas such as doorknobs, handles, and countertop surfaces

Plan outdoor activities 

We recently went on a six-night trip, and every day we planned outdoor activities. For your next trip, think outdoors; hiking, biking, fishing, golf, beaches, etc

There is a long list of outdoor activities and many outdoor options are cheaper. This may save you a few bucks and keep you safer by avoiding the crowded indoor areas

Image by Alison Updyke
Plan a road trip

We have become quite fond of taking road trips. Along the way, we generally look for consignment shops and antique stores. Traveling in your personal vehicle is generally much safer than flying and if you have the time to spare then you will likely save a few bucks. In our experience, antique malls are generally not overly congested and it is very easy to social distance. 

Wear a mask

You have likely heard this on the news, the radio, your local newspapers, magazines, and even mega-sized billboards. Anywhere that this message can be displayed, it has been. This truly is one of the best ways to not only protect yourself but also to protect others

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