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HOUSE BILL 60 "You Can Have a Whole Lot of Fun When You're Old Enough! If you're 62 or older and a resident of Utah, you may audit many regular University classes numbered 1000-4999 for a mere $25 per semester in addition to any special fee attached to the class. Known as House Bill 60, the program is just the ticket for seniors who want to keep current in their fields they know and love or learn something new. How Do I Register? Join us at the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH  on open registration day at the Annex building, A wing, North Entrance. In-person registration begins at 8:00am and phone-in registration begins at 10:00am on  Tuesday, January 5th, for Spring 2016 semester classes. To register for classes after January 5th, visit Continuing Education at 1185 Annex Building, or call 801-581-7155. HB 60 registrations must be submitted to Continuing Education and cannot be submitted online."                                                                  

North Dakota

Check with the universities and colleges listed for information reguarding tuition waivers for those institutions listed with no information found to find out if the House Bill 1385 applies to their institution. North Dakota University System - Senior citizens activity fee waiver information is listed here . House Bill 1385 allows those residents 65 and older to attend any public undergraduate class at state college tuition free.  You can read more about this bill here . Bismark State College - Contact Info: 701.224.5400 Senior citizen tuition waiver information. Dakota College at Bottineau - Contact Info: 701.228.5488 Senior citizen tuition waiver information. Dickinson State University - Contact Info: 701.483.2507 No tuition waiver information found. Lake Region State College - Contact Info: 701.662.1600 Senior citizens tuit


Senior Citizen, 55 or Older, Tuition Reduction Program Program Purpose To encourage senior citizens to continue their education and keep involved with local colleges and universities. Eligibility Requirements Texas residents, nonresidents or foreign students; Enroll at a college or university whose governing board has chosen to offer this program; Enroll in a class that is not already filled with students who are paying full price for the courses (If the class is too small to accommodate both regular students and senior citizens, the regular students must be given priority); and  Enroll in classes for which the college receives tax support (i.e., a course that does not depend solely on student tuition and fees to cover its costs). New Requirements Fall, 2014 Senate Bill 1210 (83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session) adds a  Grade Point Average  requirement for persons to receive continuation awards through the program. The Bill also establishes a  Limit to the To