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Senior Education: The Return of the Baby Boomers to the Classroom

     Babyboomers, the group of older adults born between 1946 and 1964 are returning to school in record numbers. The reasons for babyboomers returning to the classroom are many. Some go back to school during retirement to fulfill dreams that were put on hold due to marriage, child-rearing, and work. Others flock back to the classroom because they need to gain new skills that will help them remain gainfully employed in a competitive, and global work force. There are also those who participate in educational activities for the purpose of socializing with persons of similar interests. Others want to become better at hobbies. These babyboomers might be enrolled in courses like watercolor painting, photography, music or culinary arts.       A babyboomer who is interested in returning to school can find a learning environment suitable to his or her personal interests and learning needs. Community colleges offer degree and certificate programs; short courses for those needing to upgrade jo

North Carolina

Senior Citizens – G.S. 115D-5(b) has been amended (S.L. 2010-31, Sec. 8.4(a)) amended to change eligibility for senior citizen tuition waiver for community colleges from 96 contact hours to one course. Note: based on this amendment, senior citizens age 65 or older who are qualified as legal residents of North Carolina are now eligible for a waiver of tuition charges for up to six hours of credit instruction and one noncredit instruction per academic semester at community colleges. This tuition waiver is only available at community college campuses; there is no tuition waiver for persons age 65 or older enrolled at constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina.  If no tuition waiver information is found, you should still contact the community college and inquire about this law. GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA SESSION 2013 HD HOUSE DRH40105-MKa-143 (03/17) Short Title: Sponsors: Referred to: Restore Senior Citizen CC Tuition Waiver. (Public) Representative Hollow

New York

   I have not successfully found a specific statute or law reguarding senior citizens recieving tuition waivers or discounts.  Many colleges offer discounted tuition, tuition waivers for auditing courses, and various educational opportunities for senior citizens.  Check the list below and click on links that have additional information regarding educational opportunities. City of University of New York Senior Colleges and Graduate Schools Baruch College - Contact Info: 646.312.1000 Discount tuition fee information for senior citizens. Brooklyn College - Contact Info: 718.951.5000 Discount tuition fee information for senior citizens. The City College of New York  - Contact Info: 212.650.7000 Discounted tuition information for senior citizens. College of Staten Island - Contact Info: 718.982.2000 Tuition waiver information for senior citizen