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Cell Phones for the Aging Population

   Cell phones for the aging population require certain features that make them user-friendly.  A dependable familiar brand is just not enough for you to purchase on these criteria alone.  Nowadays cellphones have exciting features that are consumer-oriented.  Features like a larger keypad and hearing aid compatibility are important factors to consider.  Furthermore, certain carriers offer discounts and perks geared toward cell phones for the aging population.   Picking out the perfect phone depends on how tech-savvy one is as well.  Here we will try to illustrate what works best for you and your situation.   
     Consumer Cellular is a carrier with Award Winning 100% customer support.  They have low monthly fees and no contract plans with a 100% risk-free guarantee.  AARP members enjoy special benefits as well as a 5% discount that applies to their service.  They carry 22 plus different models of phones to choose from with superior nationwide coverage.  Their models include popular brands such as Moto, Samsung, and iPhones well as some less expensive brands to boot.  Zoro 7050 is their flip phone model that is perfect for seniors.  A well-lit high contrast display with appropriately spaced keys makes calling and texting easy.  This phone also features an assistance button for quickly calling emergency contacts.  This is a very affordable service that can fit the needs of many seniors and are worth a look if you like quality and value.
     Great Call is another carrier that offers great options for cell phones for the aging population.  Just like the previous carrier, Great Call offers nationwide award-winning customer support as well as AARP discount options.  These two carriers are the most popular among all the plans and they also offer the most affordable prices.  Great Call Service includes an urgent response team 24 seven with the touch of a button for highly qualified IAED train agents that will get you the response you need with GPS location assistance to get to you quickly during an emergency.   Furthermore, they offer a linking service to keep your family and friends updated in case of an emergency and they also offer a ride link service.  They are partnered with Lyft to get you where you need to go.  With Great Call, you can talk to a nurse or a board-certified physician in any dire medical situation that you may find yourself in and they will stay on the line with you until an ambulance arrives at your location.  Their services also include medical alert devices that can detect falls which is great if you become unconscious and need immediate medical attention.  These are wonderful options for seniors that are not in good health or any of us and really you can’t beat that for the price.

    Another carrier to consider when purchasing cell phones for the aging population is Sprint with its unlimited 55+ plan for data users.  Others to consider include Verizon and AT&T which offer extensive coverage as well as t-Mobile with data packages for travelers.
     Making sure you select the right phone for your special needs is imperative.  When selecting your new cell phone consider the size and lighting of your display and the size of the keys, these are some of the biggest complaints among elderly users.  Also, consider the features that come with the phone such as safety features used in emergencies such as alert buttons with one-push options to get hold of someone fast.   Other things to consider and compare our hearing aid ability accessibility.  Touch assist and text-to-speech are other options that are available to help seniors who have a problem typing with a tiny key.   All things considered, doing due diligence to research your options will be time well spent.  With the available technological advances, your cell phone can be more than just a communication device for you.  Cell phones for the aging population have come a long way to equip the elderly with another tool to remain independent.

     Listed below are some phone models that are offered via amazon or whatever phone provider you choose.  These offer a lot of the features mentioned in this article.  Most carriers will allow you to bring your own phone if you choose or you can finance one through their plan with low monthly payments.  Seniors that are low-income or on federal assistance may qualify for a free cellphone and service through the Federal Communication Commissions Lifeline Program.  Their service providers include but are not limited to Access Wireless, Assurance Wireless, Safelink Wireless, Qlink Wireless, and en Touch Wireless.  Clearly, you can see that cell phones for the aging population are available for everyone regardless of income.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get signed up today.\