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New Mexico

"TITLE 5 POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION CHAPTER 7 TUITION AND FINANCIAL AID PART 19 REDUCED TUITION FOR SENIOR CITIZENS ISSUING AGENCY: State of New Mexico Higher Education Department. [7/15/98; NMAC - Rn & A, 5 NMAC 7.19.1, 7/31/05] OBJECTIVE: The objective and purpose of 5.7.19 NMAC is to provide a guideline for implementing the Senior Citizens Reduced Tuition Act of 1984. The purpose of the act is to provide educational opportunities for senior citizens in New Mexico. Each public post-secondary degree-granting institution in New Mexico must grant a reduction in tuition to senior citizens upon request by the student. The charge will be $5 per credit hour. [7/15/98; NMAC - Rn, 5 NMAC 7.19.6, 7/31/05]" You can read this excerpt in it entirety at this link . According to this information it is up to the senior citizen who is 65 or older to contact the institution of their choice and request a reduction in tuition. 4 Year Public

New Jersey

Most all of the public colleges, universities, and community colleges offer senior citizens tuition waivers.  Because most do offer these waivers, if a college that you want to attend is not on the list, or is on the list with no tuition waiver information found, call the institution in question and inquire about the possibility of an available waiver. New Jersey State College/University Trustee's Reference Guide (Sixth Edition) " The trustee board may waive student tuition payments to accomplish mission related or institutional policy goals [NJSA 18A: 64-13]" The College of New Jersey - Contact Info: 609.771.1855 Tuition waiver information at this institution. Kean University - Contact Info: 908.737.5326 No tuition waiver information found at this institution. Montclair State University - Contact Info: 973.655.4000 Silver scribes program at this institution. New Jersey City Univers

New Hampshire

I could not find any state statutes concerning tuition waivers or discounts for senior citizens for the state of New Hampshire, however, the Community College System of New Hampshire has it's own stipulations concerning tuition discounts listed below.  Here is the information that I found for each institution listed. University System of New Hampshire - University of New Hampshire - Contact Info: 603.862.1234 Tuition waiver information at this institution. University of New Hampshire at Manchester - Contact Info: 603.641.4101 Senior citizen tuition discount on page 113 of this document. Plymouth State University - Contact Info: 603.535.5000 Tuition waiver information at this institution. Keene State College - Contact Info: 800.572.1909 No tuition waiver information at this institution found. Granite State College - Con


Even though the state of Nevada doesn't have a statute concerning tuition waivers for senior citizens, it appears that most of the universities and community colleges try to provide this benefit.  Here you will find a list below with the details as I have found them for each institution. Nevada System of Higher Education - www. University of Nevada - Las Vegas - Contact Info: 702.895.3011 Academic 62+ Program . University of Nevada - Reno - Contact Info: 775.784.4700 Senior Citizen tuition waiver information. Nevada State College at Henderson - Contact Info: 702.992.2000 No tuition waiver information for senior citizens was found. Community Colleges College of Southern Nevada - Contact Info: 702.650.2276 Tuition waiver information for senior citizens. Great Basin College - http://www2.


Many states have statutes concerning tuition waivers for senior citizens.  I could not find one for the state of Nebraska, however,  there are tuition waivers and senior citizens discounts for some of the institutions listed below.  If I did not find any tuition waivers available I made a notation.  These public institutions are listed for your convenience and if you believe or know of tuition waivers or discounts that have not been listed here please leave me a comment and I will research the information and update my list. University of Nebraska System - University of Nebraska - Lincoln - Contact Info: 402.472.7211 Senior Learning University of Nebraska at Omaha - Contact Info: 402.554.2800 No tuition waiver information for senior citizens found. University of Nebraska at Kearney - Contact Info: 308.865.8441 No tuition waiver information for senior citizens fou