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     This has been a work in progress.  I have searched and only found a small amount of information.  I even called the California Department of Education and left a message with my e-mail address, and I am still waiting for a response.  If anyone can help me in my quest for educational waivers in the state of California it would be much appreciated.  This is all I have so far. SeniorNet-   This is an international, volunteer-based nonprofit organization that provides low to no-cost computer courses to seniors that are 50 and over.  Their membership is $40.00 a year or $30.00 for renewal.  They have a large number of Learning Centers throughout the US and internationally.  They have developed an extensive curriculum of over 30 courses ranging from health care to graphic and multimedia design.  With a membership they provide discounted prices for these courses. Norman Park Senior Center, Chula Vista (619) 691-5086 MAAC Project Seniors on Broadway , Chula Vis


"   Age Waiver. Act 678 of 1975. Waiver of tuition and fees for students who are sixty years of age or older. Section 1. Hereafter, when any person sixty (60) years of age or older is admitted and enrolls as a student in any State-supported institution of higher learning in this State, the Board of Trustees of the institution or other appropriate institutions officials shall waiver all tuition charges and fees for such student. Students eligible for this waiver must pay all other charges, such as graduation fees, lab fees, special course fees, auto registration, change of schedule fee, etc. This waiver is offered on a space available basis. Courses offered through Continuing Education do not qualify for tuition waiver. Section 2. All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this Act are hereby repealed. Section 3. It is hereby found and determined by the General Assembly that in many State-supported institutions of higher learning in the State, enrollment is at a low


The Journal (Volume 15)      This was a challenging research project for this state.  I have found some information after several days of searching and here it goes. Arizona State University - Tempe Campus (480) 935-3355 *Direct all questions for any campus here.  Retired employees and their spouses can attend college for 1-9 credit in the fall and 1-6 credits in the spring for $25.00. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute contact info: (602) 543-6440 for free classes for 50 and over. Image via Wikipedia Northern Arizona University - For Retired Employees go to Image via Wikipedia Financial Aid for info (928) 523-4951 University of Arizona - Contact info (520) 626-9039 Cochise College - Contact Info: 800.593.9567 Golden Apache Tuition Waive


     If you are eligible to receive full social security benefits and you are a permanent resident of Alaska , then you are eligible to fill out the senior student waiver for free tuition .  There has to be an available seat in order for you to be accepted and you have to meet college requirements.  The following is a list of universities and their contact information. University of Alaska Fairbanks - Scholarships  (907) 474-5898 * If using a waiver do not register until the 1st day of instruction.   You must meet age and college requirements and apply for scholarship by May 1st.  Waiver must be submitted at the Business Office. @ Bristol Bay Campus - Contact Info: 907.842.5901 @ Center for Distance Education - Contact Info: 907.479.3444 @ Chukchi Campus - Contact Info: 907.422.3400 @ Interior-Aleutians Campus - Contact Info: 888.474.5207