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Stay Positive for a Healthier Heart.

   While it is important to remember to eat healthily and get exercise whenever possible,    those things are not the only factors in having a healthy and well-functioning heart.   This article is a simple reminder that your OWN MIND can also be a contributing factor to your heart health.     Yes, your own mind.    The things you think about and focus on can have a detrimental or positive effect on your physical body.   People who worry often or stress over day-to-day life will eventually begin to notice outward effects on their own bodies.   Outward meaning physical, which includes the organs as well, including the heart.      When a person is experiencing prolonged stress, chemicals are released into the body simply from THINKING a certain way.   These chemicals can be good or bad depending on the emotion that is invoked by a particular thought.      The ancient teachings of the Buddha and other spiritual figures, explain to us why and how to live in the moment