"� 3478. Fees.

The Boards of Trustees of the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, and Delaware Technical and Community College are hereby authorized and directed to establish, by not later than the fall quarter of 1986, a program whereby citizens of this State who are 60 years of age or older, and who are formal degree candidates, may attend classes for credit or audit without payment of application, course registration or other related fees. Persons enrolled in such program shall be required to pay the cost of all books, supplies, laboratory fees and shop fees. (65 Del. Laws, c. 41, � 1; 69 Del. Laws, c. 67, � 2; 73 Del. Laws, c. 188, � 1.)

� 3479. Limitations.

The privilege authorized by this subchapter may be granted only on a space available basis if such classes are not filled as of the close of registration. The institutions listed in this subchapter may limit or deny the privilege for courses which are in programs for which a selective admissions criteria has been established. (65 Del. Laws, c. 41, � 1; 73 Del. Laws, c. 188, � 1.)"

1. citation : This excerpt is from - Delaware code Title 14 Chapter 34.

University of Delaware -
*Seniors 60 and over can attend college tuition free on a space-available basis.  All other applicable fees except the admission or readmission application, advance standing, student teaching, and new student orientation fee.                     Contact info: (302)831-8123.

Delaware State University -
* To be eligible for a tuition waiver a  senior citizen must be 62 or over and provide proof of age to the office of student accounts.  All additional fees apply.  Only students enrolled in undergraduate courses are eligible.
Contact info: (302)857-6240

Golden-Beacon College-
Contact info: (302)225-6268

Wesley College -
*Seniors that are 65 and older can enroll on a space available basis for credit courses.
Financial Aid (302)736-2338

Delaware Technical and Community College-Central Office -
Contact info for each campus:

Owens Campus: (302) 855-1693
Stanton Campus: (302) 453-3706
Terry Campus: (302) 857-1040
Wilmington Campus: (302) 434-5552
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