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Montana University System - Senior citizen tuition waiver application . Senior citizens are granted tuition waivers by the Montana Board of Regents.  You may qualify if you meet all of the requirements prior to the start of the semester. Classified as in-state resident for university fees and at least sixty-five years old All institutions listed below are a part of the Montana University System. Montana State University System Montana State University - Billings Contact Info: 406.657.2011 Montana State University - Billings College of Technology - Contact Info: 406.657.2011 Montana State University - Bozeman - Contact Info: 406.944.0211 Tuition waiver information at this institution. Montana State University - Northern - Contact Info: 800.662.6132 Tuition waiver information at this institution. Montana State University - Great Falls


"Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 173 Department of Higher Education Section 173.091 Senior citizens' tuition exemption, qualifications, limitations, fee. 173.091. 1. Any Missouri resident who is at least sixty-five years of age on or before August first of a school year and who possesses the qualifications set forth in this section shall be awarded a scholarship to a state educational institution, as the term is defined in section 176.010, of the person's choice. Such scholarship shall consist of an exemption from tuition at the institution attended. Persons seeking a scholarship pursuant to this section shall provide documentation of age to the institution attended and shall satisfy all other necessary entrance requirements of the school of their choice in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship. 2. Certification and eligibility for the tuition benefits provided under this section, including satisfaction of applicable entrance requirements, shall be determi