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Workout to Look Younger


     Workout to look younger is obviously an attainable goal.  My Pinterest collection Beauty over 50 is a prime example of what’s possible when one puts forth the effort to improve their quality of life.  These pictures are examples of people from all walks of life putting their health as a priority.  They devised a workout to look younger and it has paid off.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more people jumping on the workout bandwagon.  Most folks are staying close to home these days because of social distancing so why not give yourself some piece of mind and added protection by getting into shape.  By the time this is over you could look like a rockstar, or at least a few years younger.

     Getting started is the hardest part for putting together a workout to look younger.  If your sitting down reading this then put your weight on your arms that are supported against the table and lift your knees up to touch the underside of the surface.  Repeat this exercise 10 times.  You officially started on a workout to look younger and feel stronger.  This experiment seems minuscule compared to what’s required to obtain a physique compare to these people, but it’s really not.  Now, stand up and start to sit back down, but before you reach the  seat stand back up.  Repeat this 5 or 10 times.  Then when you finish this article go get some cans or water bottles and lift them straight out in front of you, then bring them back to your sides. Repeat that to a count of 10.  Repeat this everyday but add 1 additional lift or squat.  As your starting to research a specific routine and equipment for your workout over the next week or two, you will already notice a that a change has occurred in your physical strength.  

     I have personally used this tactic to start my workouts that usually lasted for the next couple of years a few times.  The last time I has just turned 50 and gotten up to a ten mile jog to boot.  I placed a few sticky notes around my home to remind me to workout.  As I start getting into shape, I begin to feel younger and forget to workout.  Now my workout to look younger includes brain exercises that you can be download from the App Store along with workout routines.  Also, a smart watch or a Fitbit can help you stay on track with your exercise routine as well as dieting and hydration.  

     Look, we all are staying home more than we like, so why not accomplish something that will boost your mental capacity, physical body, and may actually reverse damage your body has sustained over the years.  Start a workout to look younger action plan today,  and you will be amazed at the difference a month from now.  Why not start a challenge with your friends.