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"   Age Waiver. Act 678 of 1975. Waiver of tuition and fees for students who are sixty years of age or older.

Section 1. Hereafter, when any person sixty (60) years of age or older is admitted and enrolls as a student in any State-supported institution of higher learning in this State, the Board of Trustees of the institution or other appropriate institutions officials shall waiver all tuition charges and fees for such student. Students eligible for this waiver must pay all other charges, such as graduation fees, lab fees, special course fees, auto registration, change of schedule fee, etc. This waiver is offered on a space available basis. Courses offered through Continuing Education do not qualify for tuition waiver.

Section 2. All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this Act are hereby repealed.

Section 3. It is hereby found and determined by the General Assembly that in many State-supported institutions of higher learning in the State, enrollment is at a low level and that some classes at such institutions are unusually small; that it is in the best interest of the citizens of this State that the educational opportunities at such institutions be made available to older citizens who wish to improve their education without the payment of tuition and fees normally charged students; that many older citizens would take advantage of the opportunity for furthering their education if such opportunity was made available without the necessity for paying tuition, and that such program would also be beneficial to the State-supported institutions in the State; that this Act is designed to permit such persons to attend college without the payment of tuition and fees and should be given effect at the earliest possible date. Therefore, an emergency is hereby declared to exist and this Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval. "(1)

1. citation : section- Finance and Administration subject-Waiver of Tuition and Fees   policy -  05-34   date 10/07/93
Arkansas offer its seniors a free education up to earning a degree.  Here is the list of participating colleges and their contact information:
Arkansas Northeastern College 
Financial Aid Office  (870) 762-1020
Arkansas State University
Financial Aid Office (870) 972-2310
Arkansas State University Beebe
Financial Aid Office  (501) 882-8845
Arkansas State University Mountain Home
Campus  (870) 508-6105
Arkansas State University Newport
Campus (870) 512-7800
Arkansas Tech University
Financial Aid Office  (479) 968-0399
Black River Technical College
Financial Aid Office (870) 248-4000
Cossatot Community College
Financial Aid Office (870) 584-4471 ext: 1148,1128,1127,1118
Crowley's Ridge College
Toll Free (800) 264-1096
Local (870) 236-6901
East Arkansas Community College
Campus (870) 633-4480
Henderson State University
Financial Aid Office  (870) 230-5105
Mid-South Community College
Financial Aid Office (870) 733-6729
National Park Community College
Financial Aid Office (501) 760-4237
North Arkansas College
Financial Aid Office (870) 391-3266
Northwest Arkansas Community College
Campus (479) 636-9222
Ouachita Technical College
Financial Aid Office (501) 337-5000
Ozarka College
Financial Aid Office (870) 368-2009
Phillips Community College
Financial Aid Office  (870) 338-6474
Pulaski Technical College
Financial Aid Office (501) 812-2289 or (501) 812-2283
Rich Mountain Community College
Financial Aid Office (479) 243-0739 ext.1420,1421

South Arkansas Community College
Financial Aid Office (870) 862-8131  Toll Free (800) 955-2289
Southern Arkansas University
Financial Aid Office (870) 235-4023
Southeast Arkansas College
Financial Aid Office (870) 543-5909
Southern Arkansas University Tech
Financial Aid Office (870) 574-4511, 4499,4469,4711
University of Arkansas-Fayettville
Financial Aid Office (479) 575-3806
University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
Financial Aid Office (479) 788-7090
University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Financial Aid Office (501) 569-3035
University of Arkansas-Monticello 
Financial Aid Office (870) 460-1050 Toll Free (800) 226-2643
University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
Financial Aid Office (870) 575-8302
University of Arkansas Community College-Batesville
Financial Aid Office (870) 612-2036
University of Arkansas-Hope
Financial Aid Office (870) 722-8264
University of Arkansas-Morrilton
Financial Aid Office (501) 354-7574
University of Arkansas for Medical Services
Financial Aid Office (501) 686-6128
University of Central Arkansas
Financial Aid Office (501) 450-5111

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  1. Its never simple to thoes who are making application. (to thoes familure to its orgin certainly it is ). Laymen terms are assumed in
    ignorance for some reasoning. The educating
    organization "lacks humility" and for most part
    make it common pracitce to speak above the common person (YET WERE GOOD ENOUGH TO DIE FOR THE COUNTRY) (OUR BLOOD WE SPILL THEY CALL US
    HEROS) yet as American Citizens they mock our
    commonplace ! The educated have set a standard
    of wages "higher" to a man with a degree ! when indeed they may have "high iq's" yet be Evil, Greedy, and Stump dumb of common scence.
    Many of the major factors which determine a persons ability to perform . YET HAVING A DEGREE GIVES THEM AN OPEN DOOR. MEASURING THEM

    1. OMG! This one NEEDS an elementary educashun! LOL

    2. As an 81 year old Arkansas Tax paying resident and Veteran of the Korean " police action " War was never declared but many of us never came home. I would like to think that the main reason for this Sr. break to us would be to provide a full education to those who for one reason or another did not receive one growing up in Rural Arkansas. those of you who are Mocking the poster who misspelled some words should be ashamed of yourselves. at least he is trying to better himself.


  3. Perhaps a little Jack Daniels????

    1. Naw, that's only for seniors in Tennessee.

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  30. Does your over age 60 tuition waiver policy apply to William H. Bowen School of Law?


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