The Journal (Volume 15)
     This was a challenging research project for this state.  I have found some information after several days of searching and here it goes.

Arizona State University -
Tempe Campus (480) 935-3355
*Direct all questions for any campus here.  Retired employees and their spouses can attend college for 1-9 credit in the fall and 1-6 credits in the spring for $25.00.
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute contact info: (602) 543-6440 for free classes for 50 and over.
Northern Arizona Lumberjacks logoImage via Wikipedia

Northern Arizona University -
For Retired Employees go to
University of ArizonaImage via Wikipedia
Financial Aid for info (928) 523-4951

University of Arizona -
Contact info (520) 626-9039

Cochise College -
Contact Info: 800.593.9567
Golden Apache Tuition Waiver information.

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  1. Cochise College has a 50% for over (I think) 60.

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