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Alaska: Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver and Discount

    Photo by Jen Theodore

This is a comprehensive guide for all senior citizen tuition waivers, discounts, and auditable classes in the state of Alaska.  I am working hard to get the information up-to-date covering all fifty states, which is quite a feat.  To stay informed on all free classes for seniors near me, check back often for the most recent updates.

  If you are eligible to receive full social security benefits and you are a permanent resident of Alaska, then you are eligible to fill out the senior citizen student waiver for free tuition.  There has to be an available seat in order for you to be accepted and you have to meet college requirements.  The following is a list of universities and their contact information.

Scholarships  (907) 474-5898
Senior citizen waiver information
* If using a waiver submit well in advance of the last day of registration.  You must meet both age and residency requirements by one of the following dates to be eligible for the corresponding semester:  Sept 1 for fall; Jan 1 for spring; May 1 for summer.  Waivers must be submitted to the Office of the Bursar.

Contact Info: 907.842.5901
Contact Info: 907-455-2060
Contact Info: 907.422.3400
Contact Info: 888.474.5207
Contact Info: 907.543.4500
Contact Info: 907-745-9774
Contact Info:800.478.2202
Contact Info: 907.455.2800

University of Alaska Anchorage
Contact Info: 907.786.1800

@ Kenai Peninsula College
Contact Info: 877-262-0330 
@ Kodiak College
Contact Info: 907.486.4161
@Matanuska-Susitna College
Student Services (907) 745-9746
* Seniors can only register during the late registration period.  You must complete a registration and waiver and provide proof of age and you must pay all additional fees.
Contact Info: 907.834.1600

Financial Aid Office (907) 796-6255
* You must apply by Sept. 1 for the fall quarter, January 1 for the spring quarter, and May 1 for the summer quarter.

Financial Aid (907) 564-8341

Contact 1-800-478-7884


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