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Educational Pursuits Benefit from Useful Websites


    Photo by Carl Heyerdahl

          Your educational pursuits benefit from useful websites that can be advantageous to a successful academic outcome.  Long gone are the days of idly sitting by taking notes from some long-winded professor.  There are so many useful websites and apps nowadays that make studying and doing homework a breeze.  Let’s get acquainted with a few that will start you out on a path to success.  Listed below are some of the more widely used sites around.

     First, you must download Grammarly.  Grammarly is a keyboard and editor app that takes your writing to a whole new level.  It corrects more than just spelling and punctuation.  It is a writing assistant that helps improve clarity and engagement as well as correct grammatical errors.  Download the keyboard or you can add the extension to your browser and improve your writing today.

     Next, a website called WolframAlpha is an exceptional site known for its computational power when solving any and all mathematical equations.  It can handle scientific and technological equations used in physics, chemistry,  and engineering to name a few.  Its knowledge base doesn’t stop there.  WolframAlpha can answer questions about everyday life.  It has a little bit for everyone all packed into one specific website.  Another site similar to this that is absolutely free is gamma. sympy .org.

     Then there is the Socratic app.  This is a learning knowledge-packed app powered by Google AI.  You can simply ask Socratic a question and the app will connect you to the appropriate online resources that with help you know the correct answer and learn the concepts behind them.

     Another wonderful site is No, it has nothing to do with cheating.  This useful website has cheat sheets that you can download for just about any subject possible.  If you feel so inclined you can add cheat sheets of your own.  This is an invaluable asset for those late-night study binges.

     PrintFriendly is another great website to have in your arsenal.  Sometimes you just want to download an article about a subject without all the extras in the article like advertising and etc.  Printing off these used to be a nightmare that used up all your ink and paper.  Not with PrintFriendly.  Just paste the URL in and you get a to-the-point short sweet pdf version of only what you need.

     Here are a couple of sites to keep on your radar when doing research.  Connected Papers and Project Gutenberg.  Connected Papers is a website full of cited academic papers to fill most of your research needs. Project Gutenberg has free ebooks that can help you get the information you need on a student's budget.  Also, many formats are available on Project Gutenberg.

     Another useful website is  This a handy website that utilizes a diagramming application that will bring your visualizations and flowcharts to life.  It’s the only intelligent application you will need to make graphs and charts for all your future projects.

     Another way your educational pursuits benefit from useful websites is when you utilize Pinterest.  I have found endless tips and tricks in my educational pursuits on the wealth of information found on this fantastic site.


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