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A Cooking App You Must Try

     Photo via gemma 

        Boy, do I have a cooking app you must try.   I don’t usually post about such things but this app is so impressive that you will never know how you lived without it.  I just stumbled upon this blessing in disguise and I feel it’s just as necessary as having a driver's license.  And I couldn’t be more serious.

     What is it and why is it so great.  It is an app called SuperCook.  Some of you already know what I am talking about.  When you download this completely free app, you will find it to be time-consuming at first, but oh so worth it.  You start by going through your cabinets and checking off every ingredient in your cupboards, freezer, and refrigerator. The app is full of ingredients and you just check off everything you have in the kitchen.  The first time I did this it took me over an hour to complete.

     What was the result?  32,849 recipes populated when I thought there was nothing to cook.  These recipes come from popular sites all over the web.  I was floored.  I’ll post a screenshot so you can see what I mean. 

     These are tasty recipes that are sitting there waiting for you to decide what to make.  I’ll never forget the first thing I tried was Chinese Fried Rice.  I love it now when I hear there is nothing for supper and I turn out a five-course meal. This is a cooking app you must try and share with your family and friends.  It also has suggestions like if you had this ingredient you could make such and such.  This is a lifesaver and every cook needs this. I honestly can’t think of a more useful app.

     I’ll throw in a bonus.  For special events like family gatherings or birthday parties, you must check out the chefs club on youtube.  You can easily make impressive dishes like a pro.  Here is a picture of Carbonara with an edible pot that I successfully made the first time around.  I’m serious you will not believe the displays of food you can create.

     Please leave a comment and let me know if you tried SuperCook.  Also, let me know if you visited the Chefs club.  I’d love to see what you came up with and if you know of any other apps like these please share them with our readers.


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