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"Senior Citizens Higher Education Act

Section §23-38.56 of the Code of Virginia (also known as the Senior Citizens Higher Education Act) states that Virginians age 60 and older may take college courses without paying tuition. Older citizens may register for and enroll in courses in any state institution of higher education (subject to the admission requirements of the institution) as a full-time or part-time student for academic credit if their federal taxable income does not exceed $15,000 per year. The State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV) has details of the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver.
Virginians age 60 and older, regardless of income, may register for and audit courses in any Virginia institution of higher education. Students may have to pay for course materials and laboratory fees. For more information, contact the admissions office of the state college or university nearest you. SCHEV offers a listing of state colleges and universities."
                                                                                -SECTION 23-38.56 of the Code of                                                                                         Virginia

Public Universities

University of Virginia's College at Wisehttp://www.uvawise.edu/
Contact Info  276-328-0100
Senior Tuition Forms 

Christopher Newport Universityhttp://cnu.edu/
Contact Info  797-594-7000
Senior Information   (page 5)

College of William & Maryhttp://www.wm.edu/
Contact Info  757-221-4000
Information for Senior Citizens

George Mason Universityhttps://www2.gmu.edu
Contact Info  703-993-1000
Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver

James Madison Universityhttp://www.jmu.edu/
Contact Info  540-568-5681
Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver

Longwood Universityhttp://www.longwood.edu/
Contact Info  434-395-2000
Senior Citizen Tuiton Waiver Info

Norfolk State Universityhttps://www.nsu.edu
Contact Info  757-823-8600
Senior Citizen Waiver Form

Old Dominion Universityhttp://www.odu.edu/
Contact Info   757-683-3000
Senior Citizen Waiver Form

University of Mary Washingtonhttp://www.umw.edu/
Contact Info   540-654-1000
Senior Citizen Tuition Information 

University of Virginiahttp://www.virginia.edu/
Contact Info  434-924-0311
Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Form

Virginia Commonwealth Universityhttp://www.vcu.edu/
Contact Info    804-828-0100
Senior Citizen Higher Education Program

Virginia Techhttp://www.vt.edu/
Contact info  540-231-6000
Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Forms

Virginia State Universityhttp://www.vsu.edu/
Contact Info   804-524-5000
Senior Citizen information  page (4 of 18) Actually page 39 of entire document.

Community Colleges

Blue Ridge Community College -  http://www.brcc.edu/
Contact info  540-234-9261
50+ Class info

Central Virginia Community College - http://www.cvcc.vccs.edu/ 
Contact info   434-832-7600
General knowledge classes info
Tuition Waiver and discount info for senior citizens 

Dabney S. Lancaster Community Collegehttp://www.dslcc.edu/
Contact info  541-261-1211
Senior tuition info 

Danville Community Collegehttp://www.dcc.vccs.edu/
Contact info   434-797-2222
Senior Citizen Tuition waiver forms

Eastern Shore Community Collegehttp://es.vccs.edu/
Contact info   757-789-1789
Senior Citizen Tuition waiver forms 

Germanna Community Collegehttp://www.germanna.edu/
Contact info   540-891-3000
Senior Citizen Tuition waiver forms

Reynolds Community Collegehttp://www.reynolds.edu/
Contact info   804-371-3000
Senior Citizen Tuition waiver info 

John Tyler Community Collegehttp://www.jtcc.edu/
Contact info  804-796-4000
Senior Citizen Tuition wiaver info 

Mountain Empire Community Collegehttp://www.mecc.edu/
Contact Info   276-523-2300
Senior Citizen Tuition waiver info

New River Community Collegehttp://www.nr.edu/
Contact Info   540-674-3600
Senior Citizen Tuition forms

Northern Virginia Community Collegehttp://www.nvcc.edu/
Contact Info   703-323-3000
Senior Citizen eligibility Forms

Patrick Henry Community Collegehttp://www.patrickhenry.edu/
Contact Info   276-638-8777
Senior Citizen Information 

Piedmont Virginia Community Collegehttp://www.pvcc.edu/
Contact Info  434 977 3900
Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Info

Rappahannock Community Collegehttps://www.rappahannock.edu/
Contact Info  804 758 6700
Senior Info  (halfway down page) 

Southwest Virginia Community Collegehttp://sw.edu/
Contact Info    276 964 7238
Senior Citizen Tuition Information

Thomas Nelson Community Collegehttp://tncc.edu/
Contact Info   757 825 2700
Senior Citizens Information page

Tidewater Community Collegehttp://www.tcc.edu/
Contact Info   757-822-1122
Senior Citizens Tuition Discount 

Virginia Western Community Collegehttp://www.virginiawestern.edu/
Contact Info   540-857-8922
Senior Citizens information

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Other Educational Sources for Seniors

     A few months back I missed an extraordinary opportunity to write a few pages about this site in a newly released book.  I had not been posting in a while due to personal reasons, and so I missed this email from an expert in tuition waivers and discounts for all age groups.  Anywhere that I can find information to save you money while pursuing yours goals, whether it be my website or someone else's, I will always pass that information along.  Hopefully these collections of resources will help you as well as your children and grandchild.
     As I was saying, I received this email about my website.  I decided to do a little research on this person.  Her name is Jennifer Cook DeRosa and she is a mother of four sons whom she homeschooled.  She is an award winning chef.  Her love for cooking didn't stop there because she launched a culinary degree program at her local community college.  Furthermore, she spent the next 20 years dedicating her life to higher education administration advising and instructing students. She is also that author of two books in the education arena.  She did as we all did to pay for her culinary degree.  However, she used the techniques taught in her book to earn subsequent degrees.  In this particular book, she has dedicated an entire chapter on senior citizens seeking credit or non-credit courses tuition free.  The book is called Completely Free Colleges.  She has also written Homeschooling for College Credit.  I will post a link for you to acquire these books.  You can also find her on Facebook.  Just search Completely Free Colleges and you will see the many resources listed there.  Here are the links to get you started with your search.  I hope this helps.

Other resources:

Staying healthy over 50

 - Falls and Older adults

 - 22 Senior health risk calculators for healthy aging

 -  Health information for older adults

 - Health and You: Seniors and swimming

 - Planning your Doctor visit

 - Fire prevention preparedness for Seniors

 - Eldercare Locator

 - Caretakers guide to moving seniors into a facility

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  Vermont residents who are 65 years or older are eligible for a tuition waiver within the Vermont State Colleges system for up to two courses per enrollment period unless the President or the President’s designee grants express written permission for additional courses during the same period. To be eligible, such persons must be non-matriculated and may not take the place of a paying student in courses with enrollment limits. Eligible persons must pay relevant registration and course fees and shall not be entitled to any other college service or benefit, unless otherwise expressly permitted in writing by the President or President’s designee, except for those services or facilities otherwise available to the public at-large.


Public Universities

Castleton University - http://www.castleton.edu/
Contact info  800-639-8521
Tuition discount for Senior Citizens

Johnson State College - http://www.jsc.edu/
Contact info  800-635-2356
Tuition waiver for Senior Citizens on Page 20

Lyndon State Collegehttp://lyndonstate.edu/
Contact info  1-800-225-1998
Financial Aid info

University of Vermont - http://www.uvm.edu/
Contact info  802-656-3131
Financial aid for Senior Citizens

Community Colleges

Community College of Vermont http://ccv.edu/
Contact info  - 800-228-6686
Senior Free Tuition 

Vermont Technical College - http://www.vtc.edu/
Contact info  802-728-1000
Free tuition for non-degree seeking Senior citizens

Private Colleges

Marlboro College - https://www.marlboro.edu
Contact info  802-258-9200
Senior Citizen Class discount information

Southern Vermont Collegehttp://www.svc.edu/
Contact info  802-447-4000
Class Discount information - may be only 1 class at a time.

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"You Can Have a Whole Lot of Fun When You're Old Enough!

If you're 62 or older and a resident of Utah, you may audit many regular University classes numbered 1000-4999 for a mere $25 per semester in addition to any special fee attached to the class.
Known as House Bill 60, the program is just the ticket for seniors who want to keep current in their fields they know and love or learn something new.

How Do I Register?

Join us at the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH  on open registration day at the Annex building, A wing, North Entrance. In-person registration begins at 8:00am and phone-in registration begins at 10:00am on Tuesday, January 5th, for Spring 2016 semester classes.
To register for classes after January 5th, visit Continuing Education at 1185 Annex Building, or call 801-581-7155. HB 60 registrations must be submitted to Continuing Education and cannot be submitted online."

                                                                              -University of UTAH Website
Public Universities

University of Utah - www.utah.edu

Contact Info - (801)581-7200
Tuition Discount Info
Senior Citizen Classes

Southern Utah University - www.suu.edu
Contact info - (435)586-7700
Tuition Info is here.
More Info on Senior Citizen registration.

Utah State Universitywww.usu.edu
Contact Info - (435)797-1000
Tuition Info is here.
Senior Citizens wavier.

Weber State Universitywww.weber.edu
Contact Info -  (801)626-6000
Tuition Info is here.
Course Registration is found here.

Snow Collegewww.snow.edu
Contact Info - (435)283-7000
Tuition Info found here.
Senior Citizen Students Tuition and Fees.

Dixie State Collegewww.dixie.edu
Contact Info - (435)652-7500
Tuition Info here.
Senior Citizen Registration.

Utah Valley Universitywww.uvu.edu
Contact Info - (801)863-4636
Tuition Info here.
Senior Citizen Policies.

Technical Colleges

Utah College of Applied Technology - www.ucat.edu
Contact Info  801-341-6000

     Campuses of Utah College of Applied Technology
      Bridgerland ATC  in Logan Utah
       Contact info  435-734-0614

      Ogden-Weber ATC  in Ogden Utah
       Contact Info 801-627-8300

      Davis ATC in Kaysville, Utah
       Contact Info 801-593-2500

      Tooele ATC  in Tooele, Utah
      Contact info 435-248-1800

      Mountainland ATC  in Lehi, Utah 
      Contact info 801-753-6282

      Unitah Basin ATC  in Roosevelt, Utah
       Contact info  435-722-6900

      Southwest ATC in Cedar City, Utah
       Contact info 435-586-2899

      Dixie ATC in St. George, Utah 
       Contact info  435-586-8400

Salt Lake Community College - www.slcc.edu
Contact Info   801-957-7522
Tuition discount information for Senior Citizens

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North Dakota

Check with the universities and colleges listed for information reguarding tuition waivers for those institutions listed with no information found to find out if the House Bill 1385 applies to their institution.

North Dakota University System - http://www.ndus.edu/

Senior citizens activity fee waiver information is listed here.
House Bill 1385 allows those residents 65 and older to attend any public undergraduate class at state college tuition free.  You can read more about this bill here.

Bismark State College - http://www.bismarckstate.edu/
Contact Info: 701.224.5400
Senior citizen tuition waiver information.

Dakota College at Bottineau - http://www.dakotacollege.edu/
Contact Info: 701.228.5488
Senior citizen tuition waiver information.

Dickinson State University - http://www.dickinsonstate.edu/
Contact Info: 701.483.2507
No tuition waiver information found.

Lake Region State College - http://www.lrsc.edu/
Contact Info: 701.662.1600
Senior citizens tuition waiver information.

Mayville State University - http://www.mayvillestate.edu/default.aspx
Contact Info: 800.437.4104
No tuition waiver information found.

Minot State University - http://www.minotstateu.edu/
Contact Info: 800.777.0750
No tuition waiver information found.

North Dakota State College of Science - http://www.ndscs.nodak.edu/
Contact Info: 800.342.4325
No tuition waiver information found.

North Dakota State University - http://www.ndsu.edu/
Contact Info: 701.231.8011
No tuition waiver information found.

University of North Dakota - http://und.edu/
Contact Info: 701.777.3000
Osher Lifelong Learning for ages 50 & Better.

Valley City State University - http://www.vcsu.edu/
Contact Info: 800.532.8641
No tuition waiver information found.

Williston State College - http://www.willistonstate.edu/
Contact Info: 701.774.4200
Senior citizen waiver information on page 11 of this document.

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Senior Citizen, 55 or Older, Tuition Reduction Program

Program Purpose

To encourage senior citizens to continue their education and keep involved with local colleges and universities.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Texas residents, nonresidents or foreign students;
  • Enroll at a college or university whose governing board has chosen to offer this program;
  • Enroll in a class that is not already filled with students who are paying full price for the courses (If the class is too small to accommodate both regular students and senior citizens, the regular students must be given priority); and 
  • Enroll in classes for which the college receives tax support (i.e., a course that does not depend solely on student tuition and fees to cover its costs).
New Requirements Fall, 2014
Senate Bill 1210 (83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session) adds a Grade Point Average requirement for persons to receive continuation awards through the program. The Bill also establishes a Limit to the Total Number of Hours, cumulative, that a student may take and continue to receive awards through this program. These changes go into effect in fall, 2014. Contact your institution for more information.

Eligible Institutions

Available only for use at a Texas public college or university.

Contact the college registrar to find out if the college or university offers this program. 

 Public Universities

Texas A&M University - www.tamu.edu
Contact Info - 979-845-3211
Tuition waiver and discount information

Texas Tech University - http://www.ttu.edu/
Contact Info - (806) 742-2011
Tuition waiver and discount information for senior citizens

University of Houston - www.uh.edu
Contact Info - (713) 743-2255
Tuition waiver and discount information for senior citizens

University of North Texas - www.unt.edu

Contact Info - 940-565-2000
Tuition waiver and discount information

University of Texas - www.utexas.edu 

Contact Info -  (512)-471-3434
Tuition waiver and discount information for senior citizens

Private Universities

(exempt from tuition reduction program but may still have options)

Baylor University - www.baylor.edu
Contact Info - 1-800-229-5678
Tuition waiver and discount info

Rice Universities - www.rice.edu
Contact Info - 713-935-2663
Tuition waiver and discount info 

Southern Methodist University - www.smu.edu
Contact Info  214-768-2000
Tuition Discount Info 

Texas Christian University - www.tcu.edu
Contact Info  817-257-7000
Tuition Discount Info 
TCU Silver Frogs Info

Related Articles

Forget Tuition: How Retirees can go to college for Free

Texas Senior Resources

Independent Public Universities

Midwestern State University - www.mwsu.edu
Contact Info - 940-397-4000
Tuition Waiver and discount info
Scholarship just for having some involvement in your community

Stephen F. Austin State University - www.sfasu.edu
Contact Info 936.468.3401
Scholarships and Financial Aid info

Texas Southern University - www.tsu.edu
Contact info  713-303-7011
Tuition discount info

Senior Discount Information For Texas can also be found Here 

Community and Junior colleges 

Amarillo College - www.actx.edu
Contact info - 806-371-5000
Tuition Discount or Scholarships
Apply for a Scholarship to Amarillo College

Alvin Community College - www.alvincollege.edu
Contact Info   281-756-3500
Programs and Classes for Seniors
General Discount Info / Financial Aid

Angelina College - www.angelina.edu
Contact Info - 936-639-1301
Financial Aid
Scholarship Info (extensive)

Central Texas College - www.ctcd.edu
Contact Info  254-526-7161
Senior tuition waiver information covers only Tuition  scroll 1/4 down on the page

Cisco College - www.cisco.edu
Contact Info - (254)-442- 5000
Financial Aid Info

Collin College - www.collin.edu
Contact Info -  (972).548.6790
SENIOR CITIZEN REDUCED TUITION Texas residents who reach 65 prior to the census date of the term are eligible for a tuition waiver.Proof of date of birth is required. Contact the Admissionsand Records Office for more information.

Dallas County Community College District - www.dcccd.edu

All colleges in the  Dallas County District adhere to the Senior Citizen Discount Program

    DCCCD  colleges

          -Brookhaven College - http://www.brookhavencollege.edu
           phone  972-860-4700

         -Cedar Valley College - http://www.cedarvalleycollege.edu/
           phone  972-860-8201

         -Eastfield College - http://www.eastfieldcollege.edu/
           phone  972-860-7100

         -El Centro College - http://www.elcentrocollege.edu/
          phone  214-860-2000

         -Mountain View College - https://www.mountainviewcollege.edu
          phone  214-860-8680

         -North Lake College - http://www.northlakecollege.edu
          phone   972-273-3000

         -Richland College - http://richlandcollege.edu
          phone  972-238-6100

         -Dallas Colleges Online - https://online.dcccd.edu/
          phone  972-669-6400
Del Mar College - http://www.delmar.edu/
Contact Info  361-698-1200
Senior Discount/Waiver info

Hill College - http://www.hillcollege.edu/
Contact Info  254-659-7500
Senior/Discount Waiver Info

Houston Community Collegehttp://www.hccs.edu/
Contact Info  713-718-2000
Senior Citizen discount/tuition waiver info

Kilgor College - https://www.kilgore.edu/
Contact Info   (903) 984-8531
Financial Aid Information 

McLennan Collegehttp://www.mclennan.edu/
Contact Info  254-299-8622
Financial Aid Information

Midland College - http://www.midland.edu/
Contact Info  404-679-4500
Midland College offers senior citizens an exemption from the payment of general use fees

Navarro Collegehttp://www.navarrocollege.edu/
Contact Info  1-800-NAVARRO
Tuition Waiver for Senior Citizens info

Northeast Texas Communityhttp://www.ntcc.edu/
Contact Info   903-434-8100
Financial Aid Information 

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