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Smartwatch Extraordinaire for a Fraction of the Cost

 KORE 2.0 

A Futuristic Smartwatch Extraordinaire for a Fraction of the Cost of similar Smartwatches that Monitors your Vital Signs 24/7 and Much, Much More.  It also Bluetooth to your Android or Apple iPhone.

    Kore 2.0 Fitness Tracker is the latest smartwatch from Kore Health Trak products. This 3rd generation smartwatch takes the best of the previous models and the latest technology and packs it into the Kore 2.0 smartwatch. It is smaller in size, easier to use, and the battery lasts up to a week on a single charge.

      The bands are made of sleek slinky silicone that doesn’t have to be removed during charging like its predecessors.  The charger is now magnetized and simply clips to the charger port on the back interior of the watch. The screen has an ultra-bright led screen that is scratch resistant. You simply swipe and tap to select the different menu options. Even though you cannot submerge it in water it is splashproof.

      Now let’s talk about what the Kore 2.0 sensors can do. Its technology will let you track your heart rate, variations in your heart rhythm, oxygen saturation, sleep, temperature, and stress levels. It will also monitor all of your activities like walking, hiking, cycling, tennis, yoga, and much more. You can use the Kore Health App to connect to some of your favorite health apps.

     It also has other smartwatch features such as controlling your music, checking the weather, and messages, and monitoring phone calls. What’s not to love about this smartwatch extraordinaire for a fraction of the cost of similar smartwatches.


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