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What’s Bitcoin?

               Photo by Kanchanara

  By now you have heard about it.  So what’s Bitcoin.  Many people don’t understand it and that’s a shame because there is a lot of money to be made right now and in the future.  What’s Bitcoin, it’s digital currency.  Bitcoin is actually the coin of coins.  It’s the coin from which all other coins have been born.  The technical term is cryptocurrency for the digital money that the phrase “coin” represents.    
     It is the money of the future and if you don’t think so, well there is the USDT and the EuroT. It matches the money almost 1:1 ratio.  At the time of this writing Tether or the T part is currently doing better than the dollar.  Cryptocurrency is basically the same as money, but it’s digital money instead.  There is a limited amount made so it holds its value.  It’s peer to peer transactions deleting the middleman taking away the expense of most of the fees and the time frame to send money.   Money cannot be spent twice.  For example, I could have $100.00 in the bank. I could give you a check for $95.00. At the same time, I could use my debit card or write a check and buy my groceries with the same money.  Depending on the timing one of those will bounce.  Transactions are protected on the block chain and identity of the user is kept private.  What’s Bitcoin and cryptocurrency going to do for us in the future.  It will allow us to control our money better and keep Uncle Sam from sticking there nose in our wallets as much.  
     You know I am patriotic as the next guy. Somehow society has allowed the government to control every aspect of our life.  Somewhere a movement needs to begin where our younger generation starts to really look at our constitution and our bill of rights and our sovereignty that was claimed when we came to this country.  I hope this cryptocurrency stirs an awaking if anything else in this country.  I think cryptocurrency and how the government is trying to regulate it will be another step in that direction.
     This is how I’m taking advantage of this digital currency. I’m buying it, trading it, and sending coins to my children and grandchildrens wallets with a click of a button. Putting them a little away each month will add up to a lot someday.  Yes they can have anonymous wallets.  You can download a cold wallet for free from the Internet.  You can purchase a hard wallet online to take it off the Internet and from the possibility of being hacked.  Your on private bank you wear around your neck. You have a pin that you set up and from there you get 12 phrases to remember.  If you lose your wallet just download or buy another and put pin in and then the 12 phrases.
     To really learn about what’s Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, you need to educate yourself. You can easily do this online.  Is the market volatile, yes it is. Is it risky, yes it is. Can it make you rich, yes it can.  You just have to be smart about your investments.  The point is at this point in your life, you should be at a place that your comfortable with your finances.  Investing a small amount like 50 to a 100 and get on the exchanges and challenge your self to see what you can turn it into.  Buy low sell high. Most of my purchases have been .02 to .05 cents a coin. I buy a few thousand low and watch for it to run up. Then I sell and wait for it to drop to re buy.  I usually make 20.00 to 80.00 a night. Then I reinvest for the next night.  The smart thing would be to buy and hold and I do have some I do that with too.  This video from The Guardian sums up the Bitcoin story in a nutshell.

     I will post you some information on things to look at and learn. I will also post some links to wallets and exchanges for which I am affiliated.  I will make a coin or two from that.  Am I trying to sell you something. No, because until everyone catches on the prices are low and fluctuate in my favor, I am set to make a fortune.  Once this is mainstream I’ll be looking at the same slightly good returns like I do on my stocks. But returns like these are so worth it.
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I will be starting a website soon for those wanting to learn to invest in crypocurrencies.  I am very excited about this endeavor because I want this to be a closed sign up group where we can invest and research together.  I am hoping to show those of us that don't have very much funds to work with how they can learn to turn that around into amazing profit.  That's the best thing I have learned about crypto trading and investing, it's the transferance of wealth.  No one can predict, influence, or change your outcome from your trades but you.