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Stay Positive for a Healthier Heart.


 While it is important to remember to eat healthily and get exercise whenever possible,    those things are not the only factors in having a healthy and well-functioning heart.   This article is a simple reminder that your OWN MIND can also be a contributing factor to your heart health.  

  Yes, your own mind. 

  The things you think about and focus on can have a detrimental or positive effect on your physical body.   People who worry often or stress over day-to-day life will eventually begin to notice outward effects on their own bodies.   Outward meaning physical, which includes the organs as well, including the heart.   

  When a person is experiencing prolonged stress, chemicals are released into the body simply from THINKING a certain way.   These chemicals can be good or bad depending on the emotion that is invoked by a particular thought.   

  The ancient teachings of the Buddha and other spiritual figures, explain to us why and how to live in the moment.   A place where fear and worry of the future,  or regrets of the past do not exist.   

  Although this is not possible to continually achieve,  the more time you can spend in this present place, also known as the here and now,  the more benefits to your own well-being you will acquire.   

  This can add up over time.   

  Try to remember to spend a little time each day being thankful for the things you do have, the experiences you have collected, and the people you love.   It will reap benefits for your entire body, including your heart, which is heavily affected by stress.  

  Most people already know this to be a fact, but still, I thought it was important to send out a friendly reminder to take a breather, meditate or just put your mind into a happier state even if for only a few moments.