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The Advantages of Echo Show

     The advantages of Echo Show are so numerous you will never know how you have lived without it.  You may not know what it is because it hasn't hit the market yet.  Slated to be released on June 28th, but you can preorder now before they are sold out.  If you have an Echo, Echo dot, or even a Google home then you know how convenient they are for doing just about everything from setting an alarm to listening to music. Let's not forget about Siri for apple products and Cortana for MicroSoft products.  Furthermore, if you use messenger or face time to make video calls, you know that app and feature is pretty handy.  Well marry the two ideas and the advantages of the Echo Show brings all these options together with simple voice commands without pulling out your device.

     So let's get started.  Echo and are you familiar with it's many features.  I got one for Christmas when they were on sale.  The Echo dot.  I have experimented with it and I love it.  So far my favorite part of having it has been setting an alarm after I lay down.  Mine is located in my bedroom as I am away from home working for the time being.  So I just say Alexa, her light comes on so I know she is listening, and I say set alarm for 6:30 am.  She says, alarm set for 6:30 am.  That reassures me she has the right time.  Then I tell her to play Thundering Rainstorm and she will find it and I can listen to the rain put me to sleep.  When it's time to wake, I can tell her to let me snooze for 15 more minutes, or ask her for the weather and news.  I can have her turn the lights on or off the heat up or down, and I can even get her to order me a driver to work.  So simple you will use her all day long.  I can even use her to make phone calls with anyone with an echo device or just the app.  For a list of Alexa's many skill go here.  More skills are added everyday.

     Many of you know how convenient Facebook messenger has become for our survival.  Many do not realize that you can hit the video icon and see each other while you talk.  Just like Skype without the technical pain.  This is great if you are away from family to share holidays and be a part of the experience.  Also messenger and face time allows you to make a phone call if your cellphone is cut off as long as you have wifi.  Furthermore, free wifi is almost everywhere if you are close to a store or the city.  Even if your not and staying at home with family, there is probably internet hooked up.  In stressful financial times that is usually the last thing to get cut off.  Why, you can watch TV, surf the net, and make phone calls via messenger as long as you have a device and the internet.

     So if you are totally unfamiliar with either of these concepts you should have a better understanding of how apps and devices can simplify your life.  For those of you that do use these devices one or the other, well together they are the bomb.  From these concepts Amazon has married the two and created the Echo Show.  Why does that matter if you already use the other apps.  Well you have to get the device and turn it on if its an iPad, tablet, or cell phone.  They are also only as good as their last charge.  You have to physically enable the devices too.  Well your not lazy.  However, there is nothing better than setting an alarm clock if you have already went to bed and forgot the task, or turning on a light with your voice in the middle of the night.  The Echo Show is always plugged in and ready to go.

     Let's look at some of the advantages in having this device.  You can call your family from your bed or chair or the floor if you have had an accident or you do not feel right using Echo Show's Alexa calling feature.  If you are older there is a real security in having a device like that in earshot of you.  If you hear someone trying to break in, you could have your family on the Echo Show watching everything and alerting the police if you can't physically get to your phone or are hiding.  I think this is genius, this product.  There is also a drop in feature on the new Echo Show that allows you to drop in and call and see your family member as an opt in without them having to answer the phone.  That's right, if your not dressed or don't look your best you can decide with each call if the caller can see you or not.  But with the drop in feature, you can allow your children or a close friend to check in on you to make sure you are okay without you even answering the call.  What about times when your family member may need a sitter to stay with them while your away.  You can have the confidence in knowing you can drop in at any moment and check in on them.  All of the many things that the Echo can do, the Echo show can do better.

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