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Montana: Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver and Discount

             Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

This is a comprehensive guide for all senior citizen tuition waivers, discounts, and auditable classes in the state of Montana.  I am working hard to get the information up-to-date covering all fifty states, which is quite a feat.  To stay informed on all free classes for seniors near me, check back often for the most recent updates.

Montana University System

Senior citizens are granted tuition waivers by the Montana Board of Regents.  You may qualify if you meet all of the requirements before the start of the semester.
  • Classified as an in-state resident for university fees and
  • at least sixty-five years old
All institutions listed below are a part of the Montana University System.

Montana State University
Contact Info: 406.657.2011

Contact Info: 406-247-3000

Montana State University - Bozeman
Contact Info: 406.944.0211

Contact Info: 406-994-5536

Montana State University-Northern
Contact Info: 800.662.6132

Montana State University - Great Falls 
Contact Info: 406.771.4300

The University of Montana System

University of Montana - Missoula 
Contact Info: 406.243.0211
Tuition waiver information at this institution.
Tuition waiver form.

Montana Technological University
Contact Info: 406.496.4791
Tuition waiver information is found on page 29 of this document.

Helena College University of Montana
Contact Info: 406.447-6900
Tuition waiver information at this institution.

University of Montana Western
Contact Info: 406.683.7331
 Tuition waiver application.


Community Colleges in the Montana University System

Dawson Community College 
Contact Info: 406.377.8132
After updating the link, I couldn't find the tuition waiver that was there.

Flathead Valley Community College
Contact Info: 406.756.3831
Tuition waiver information at this institution.

Miles Community College 
Contact Info:406.874.6100