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Massachusetts: Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver and Discount

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This is a comprehensive guide for all senior citizen tuition waivers, discounts, and auditable classes in the state of Massachusetts.  I am working hard to get the information up-to-date covering all fifty states, which is quite a feat.  To stay informed on all free classes for seniors near me, check back often for the most recent updates.

"The Categorical Tuition Waivers are a component of the Single Tuition Waiver Program and have the same purpose of maintaining access to the Commonwealth's public colleges and universities. The Categorical Tuition Waivers are designed to provide financial support to individuals who might not have the opportunity to achieve higher education, without such assistance.

Who is eligible?
To be eligible for a Categorical Tuition Waiver, a student must:

Be a permanent legal resident of Massachusetts for at least one year prior to the opening of the academic year.
Be a United States citizen or eligible noncitizen.
Be in compliance with applicable Selective Service Registration laws.
Not be in default of any federal or state loan or owe a refund on any previously received financial aid.
A member of an eligible category as defined below:
Veteran: As provided in M.G.L. Chapter 4, Section 7(43) including Spanish War, World War I, World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Lebanese peacekeeping force, Grenada rescue mission, the Panamanian intervention force, or the Persian Gulf.
For purposes of tuition waivers, the term "veteran" shall also include any individual who served in the army, navy, marine corps, coast guard, or air force of the United States for not less than ninety days at least one of which was served in the theatre of operation for the Somalian mission known as "Operation Restore Hope" and whose last discharge or release was under honorable conditions.
Native American: As certified by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Senior Citizen: Persons over the age of 60.
Armed Forces: An active member of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, or Coast Guard) stationed and residing in Massachusetts.
Clients of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission or Commission for the Blind: As certified by the respective commission.
If it deems necessary, the institution, consistent with its mission and subject to the Board of Higher Education's approval as of September 1, 1991, may establish additional waivers for specific categories of students.
In accordance with institutional requirements, each student must present documentation of categorical waiver eligibility to the appropriate college officials.
Enroll in at least three undergraduate credits per semester in a state-supported undergraduate degree or certificate program.
Maintain satisfactory academic progress in accordance with federal and institutional standards. "

This excerpt and the rest of this information can be found here.
The general laws or statutes for Massachusetts concerning tuition waivers can be found here.

This is a list of the colleges and universities in Massachusetts.

Bridgewater State University 
Contact Info: 508.531.1000

Framingham State University
Contact Info: 508.626.4550

Massachusetts College of Art and Design 
Contact Info: 617.879.7222
Tuition waiver information at this institution.

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 
Contact Info: 413.662.5000

Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Contact Info: 508.830.5000

Salem State University
Contact Info: 978.542.6112
Tuition waiver information at this institution.

Quincy College
Contact Info: 617.984.1620

 The University of Massachusetts Amherst
Contact Info: 413.545.0801
Tuition waiver information at this institution.

University of Massachusetts Boston
Contact Info: 617.287.5000

 The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Contact Info: 508.999.8857

University of Massachusetts Lowell 
Contact Info: 978.934.3570

University of Massachusetts Medical School
Contact Info: 508.856.5801

Westfield State University 
Contact Info: 413.572.5218

Worcester State University 
Contact Info: 508.929.8000

This is a list of the community colleges in Massachusetts

Berkshire Community College
Contact Info: 413.236.1644

Bristol Community College
Contact Info: 508.678.2811 ext. 2160

Cape Cod Community College
Contact Info: 877.846.3672

Greenfield Community College
Contact Info: 413.775.1801

Holyoke Community College

Contact Info: 413.538.7000

Massachusetts Bay Community College
Contact Info:  781.239.3000

Massasoit Community College
Contact Info: 508.588.9100

Middlesex Community College 
Contact Info:  Bedford Campus 781.280.3645  Lowell Campus 978.656.3291
Tuition waiver information for this institution. 

Mount Wachusett Community College 
Contact Info: 978.630.9270

Northshore Community College 
Contact Info: Danvers 978.762.4000  Lynn 781.477.2107  Beverly 978.236.1200
* Senior Citizen tuition information is on a PDF for download.

Northern Essex Community College 
Contact Info: 978.556.3000
Tuition waiver information at this institution.

Quinsigamond Community College 
Contact Info: 508.853.2300

Roxbury Community College 
Contact Info:  617.427.0060

Springfield Technical Community College 
Contact Info:413.755.4214
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  1. Massachusetts now shafts its senior citizens and veterans by virtue of having shifted all significant costs to the FEEs category. They do waiver TUITION which is now a small fraction of the total costs. Sennior citizens and veterans now get a pittance in aid from the UMass system. Shame on them!

    1. You are so right These pols have screwed seniors in Mass

    2. This program is not real. The universities in the system require that you be fully matriculated, go through the complete application process, and carry a minimum course load. And then they only cover a fraction of the costs. And they will not let you matriculate if you already have a bachelor's degree. Otherwise you can take the course for no credit, but the waiver will not apply.

  2. Thank you for the information. As I research I can verify that what you wrote is true. It is shameful and has become quite the business!

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