"Senior Citizens

For the purpose of administering this waiver, “senior citizens” are defined as Maine residents who are, or will become, 65 years of age during the semester for which they are requesting the waiver.
The Board of Trustees authorizes the waiver of tuition for senior citizens who register for undergraduate courses on a credit basis at any unit of the University of Maine System.  Applicants must establish financial need."

This information is cited from this link.

Here is a list of the Public Universities in Maine.

University of Maine System

University of Maine at Augusta -
Contact Info: 1.877.862.1234
* Senior citizens tuition waivers are need based.  For more information click here.

University of Maine at Farmington -
Contact Info: 207.778.7000

University of Maine at Fort Kent
Contact Info:
Here is the application for tuition waiver for senior citizens.

University of Maine at Machias -
Contact Info: 1.888.468.6866

University of Maine at Orono -
Contact Info: 207.581.1110

University of Maine at Rockland -
Contact Info: 207.596.6906

University of Maine at Presque Isle -
Contact Info: 207.768.9510

University of Maine School of Law -
Contact Info: 207.780.4355

University of Southern Maine -
Contact Info: 207.780.4141

University of New England -
Contact Info: 207.283.0171

Here is the list of community colleges in Maine, however, I could not find any tuition waivers pertaining to these institutions in regards to senior citizens.  The colleges are listed for your convenience with phone numbers for inquiries

Central Maine Community College -
Contact Info: 207.755.5500

Eastern Maine Community College -
Contact Info: 207.974.4630

Kennebec Valley Community College -
Contact Info: 207.453.5000

Northern Maine Community College -
Contact Info: 207.768.2700
Tuition waiver information at this institution on page 13 of this document.

Southern Maine Community College -
Contact Info: 207.741.5500
Tuition waiver information at this institution.

Washington County Community College -
Contact Info: 207.454.1033

York County Community College -
Contact Info: 207.646.9282
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