:College of Southern Idaho athletic logoImage via Wikipedia     Idaho provides discounts to senior citizens of various amounts to attend college.  Some colleges didn't offer any thing.  So I will be providing the specifics on what I have found for each.

College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls -
Info: 208.732.6655
*Senior citizens that are 60 and older can apply for a CSI gold card through the Office of Aging. Using that card they can apply for credit only classes tuition free.  Senior are responsible for all other fees and non-credit classes.  They are also responsible for cost of books and supplies.

College of Western Idaho, Nampa -
Info: 208.562.3000
*Residents 60 and over can take credit courses for 50% of normal tuition. Non-residents 60 and over can take credit courses for 50% of normal non-residents tuition.  Fees for non-credit, materials, books, and fees are full price.

North Idaho College, Coeur d' Alene -
Info: 208.769.3320
* For seniors 60 and over that are non-degree seeking the cost is $25 per class and $5 per credit hour.  You must fill out a non-degree seeking enrollment form.  It can be mailed, fax, or brought in person.  Once enrolled in you should check the calendar for registeration dates.

Boise State University, Boise -
Info: 208.426.1156
* Idaho resident that are 60 and older may apply for courses on a space available basis.  It is $5 per credit hour and $20 registration fee per semester. To register at the discounted rate, first apply for admission, then request the form Idaho Senior Citizen‘s Fee Reduction from the Payment and Disbursement Center, Administration Building, Room 211. Fill out the form according to the instructions. When you pay your registration charges, you will need to show the cashier your driver‘s license, birth certificate, or other proof of your age.

Idaho State University, Pocatello -
Reduced fee found here.
Info: 208.282.0211
Idaho State University, Meridan - http://www.isu/meridan/
Info: 208.373.1700
Idaho State University, Twin Falls -
Info: 208.736.2101
Idaho State University, Idaho -
Info: 208.282.7880
* Registration is $20 and there is a $5 fee per credit hour on a space available basis.  Proper ID must be shown at the time of registration.  This discount does not apply to non-residents.

Lewis Clark State University, Lewiston -
Info: 208.792.5272
*Idaho residents must be 60 years old before the first day of the semester.  It is $20 registeration fee and $5 per credit h
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  1. North Idaho College, Coer d' Alene

    it is spelled: Coeur d' Alene


    1. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. It has been corrected.

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  3. Does the University of Idaho honor this State Law?

    1. "Registration Fee for Senior Scholars. Idaho residents 60 years of age and older are permitted to enroll in courses, on a space-available basis. The fee is $20 plus $5 per credit. Senior scholars are enrolled after the regular registration days. In addition to this fee, special course fees for specific courses are also assessed (see Lab and Course Fees). Registration under this program entitles the student to instruction and library privileges only, and does not include insurance, student health services, ASUI membership, or free admission to athletic events. Seniors who are graduate or instructional assistants may not use the Senior Scholar waiver." This is on their Website.

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  7. The College of Western Idaho allows seniors to take classes for 50% normal tuition. The other Colleges and Universities are much more generous ranging from free tuition at CSI to $25.00/Credit at the College of Northern Idaho. Why the discrepancies in the tuition rates for seniors. Doesn't seem fair.