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Tennessee Annotated Code 49-7-113 allows for senior citizens to attend colleges and universities to audit and seek a degree with waivers and tuition discounts.  More information about this can be found at this site.

A List of Colleges and Universities in Tennessee

Austin Peay State University -
Contact Info: 931.221.7011
Tuition waiver and discount information for senior citizens.

East Tennessee State University -
Contact Info: 423.439.1000
Tuition waiver and discount information for senior citizens.

Middle Tennessee State University -
Contact Info: 615.898.2111
Tuition waiver and discount information for senior citizens.

Tennessee State University -
Contact Info: 615.963.5000
Tuition waiver and discount information for senior citizens.

Tennessee Technological University -
Contact Info: 931.372.3888
Tuition waiver and discount information for senior citizens.


South Dakota

Reduced tuition for persons 65 years of age and older.
A 75% discount of tuition only applies to senior citizens.  Information for senior citizens can be found here at the South Dakota Board of Regents website.

A List of Colleges and Universities in South Dakota.

Black Hills State University -
Contact Info: 605.642.6343
Discounted tuition fees for senior citizens.

Dakota State University -
Contact Info: 605.256.5271
Tuition discount information for senior citizens.

Northern State University -
Contact Info: 800.NSU.5330
Tuition discount information for senior citizens. Call 605.626.7600 for info.

Oglala Lakota College -
Contact Info: 605.455.6000
No waivers or discounts for senior citizens found.

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology -
Contact Info: 605.394.2414
Tuition discount information for senior citizens.

South Dakota State University -http://www3.sds…

South Carolina

SECTION 59-111-320 of the South Carolina Code of Laws states that persons age sixty and over may attend classes without payment of tuition.

"State-supported colleges and universities, and institutions under the jurisdiction of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education, are authorized to permit legal residents of South Carolina who have attained the age of sixty to attend classes for credit or noncredit purposes on a space available basis without the required payment of tuition, if these persons meet admission and other standards deemed appropriate by the college, university, or institution, and if these persons do not receive compensation as full-time employees."

This is a list of the colleges and universities of South Carolina.

The Citadel -
Contact Info: 843.225.3294
Senior citizen tuition waiver information on page 14 of this document.

Clemson University -
Contact Info: 864.656.2171
Senior citizen tuition…

Rhode Island

Image via WikipediaRhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education:Tuition waivers are available for the unemployed, senior citizens over 60, disabled veterans, and members of the National Guard.

Rhode Island College -
Contact Info:  401.456.8000
Senior citizen tuition waiver information.

University of Rhode Island -
Contact Info:  401.874.1000
Senior citizen tuition waiver information.
@ Feinstein Providence Campus -
@Narragansett Bay Campus -
@W. Alton Jones Campus -


Community College of Rhode Island -
Contact Info: 401.825.1000
Senior citizen tuition waiver information.
@ Knight Campus - 401.825.1000
@ Flanagan Campus - 401.333.7000
@ Liston Campus - 401.455.6000
@ Newport County Campus - 401.851.1600
@ Downcity Campus - 401.277.5197
@ Westerly Middle Sc…


Many colleges, universities, and community colleges offer tuition waivers for senior citizens in their area.  Here is a list of institutions that may or may not offer waivers and discounts.

State Related Colleges and Universities

Lincoln University -
Contact Info: 484.365.8000
No tuition waiver information found for senior citizens.

Pennsylvania State University -
Contact Info: 814.865.4700
These are the campuses in the Penn State System.
Here is more news about the Penn State GO-60 Program which leads me to believe that this program applies to all colleges in this university system.  Penn State Live.

Penn State Abington
Contact Info: 215.881.7400
Abington GO-60 Program.

Penn State Altoona -
Contact Info: 814.949.5000
Altoona GO-60 Program.

Penn State Beaver -
Contact Info: 724.773.3800
No tuition waiver information found.

Penn State Berks - http:…


Many colleges, universities, and community colleges throughout the state of Oregon provides tuition waivers and discount for their senior citizens.  For those campuses where no tuition waiver or discount was found, call the institution and inquire about fees using the contacts provided below.  Just because a discount or waiver was not found doesn't mean that one does not exist.

Public Universities and State Colleges

Eastern Oregon University -
Contact Info: 541.962.3672
No senior citizens tuition waiver information found.

Oregon Health and Science University -
Contact Info: 503.494.8311
No senior citizens tuition waiver information found.

Oregon Institute of Technology -
Contact Info: 541.885.1000
Senior citizens instruction fee.

Oregon State University -
Contact Info: 541.737.1000
Senior citizens tuition waiver information.

Portland State University -
Contact Info: 503.725.3000


"2) Specific Scholarships Authorized by the State Regents and/or by the Legislature: The State Regents and/or the Legislature have authorized tuition waiver scholarships for specific purposes such as auditing of classes byseniorcitizens; former prisoners of war and/or missing in action and their dependent children; dependent children of deceased peace officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical technicians who have given their lives in the line of duty; and to the children of Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System members who lost their lives in the line of duty or whose disability is by means of personal and traumatic injury of a catastrophic nature; graduate assistants; exchange students on a reciprocal basis; recipients of the Oklahoma State Regents Academic Scholars Program; recipients of Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarships; students in the custody of the Department of Human Services; and qualified concurrently enrolled high school seniors enrolled in one to…


Program 60-"2006 Ohio Code - 3345.27. Senior citizens to attend classes on a nontuition, noncredit, space available basis; tuition or fee for receiving"
Read more about this at Justia US Law.

"If you do not see a direct link to a particular waiver, then contact that instituition for more information."
University System of Ohio -

Main Campus

Bowling Green State University -
Contact Info: 419.372.2531
@ Firelands
No senior citizen tuition waiver information found.

Central State University -
Contact Info: 937.376.6011
Tuition waivers for senior citizens.

Cleveland State University -
Contact Info: 216.687.2000
Tuition waiver information for senior citizens.

Kent State University -
Contact Info:330.672.3000
Tuition waiver information for senior citizens.
@ Ashtabula -  440.964.4395
@ East Liverpool - http://www.eliv.kent.…

Senior Education: The Return of the Baby Boomers to the Classroom

Babyboomers, the group of older adults born between 1946 and 1964 are returning to school in record numbers. The reasons for babyboomers returning to the classroom are many. Some go back to school during retirement to fulfill dreams that were put on hold due to marriage, child-rearing, and work. Others flock back to the classroom because they need to gain new skills that will help them remain gainfully employed in a competitive, and global work force. There are also those who participate in educational activities for the purpose of socializing with persons of similar interests. Others want to become better at hobbies. These babyboomers might be enrolled in courses like watercolor painting, photography, music or culinary arts.

      A babyboomer who is interested in returning to school can find a learning environment suitable to his or her personal interests and learning needs. Community colleges offer degree and certificate programs; short courses for those needing to upgrade job…

North Carolina

Senior Citizens – G.S. 115D-5(b) has been amended (S.L. 2010-31, Sec. 8.4(a)) amended to change eligibility for senior citizen tuition waiver for community colleges from 96 contact hours to one course. Note: based on this amendment, senior citizens age 65 or older who are qualified as legal residents of North Carolina are now eligible for a waiver of tuition charges for up to six hours of credit instruction and one noncredit instruction per academic semester at community colleges.

This tuition waiver is only available at community college campuses; there is no tuition waiver for persons age 65 or older enrolled at constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina.  If no tuition waiver information is found, you should still contact the community college and inquire about this law.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA SESSION 2013 HD HOUSE DRH40105-MKa-143 (03/17) Short Title: Sponsors: Referred to: Restore Senior Citizen CC Tuition Waiver. (Public) Representative Holloway. A …