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In searching for an exact statute concerning tuition waivers for senior citizens in the state of Louisiana, I have been unable to locate it.  However, I will continue to look and update this entry when I can locate it.  Here are a list of all colleges, universities and community colleges in the state.  Not all instituitions may have senior citizens waiver or discounts including some of the ones listed below.  Colleges that I found a direct indication that they provided discounts or free tuition has a link underneath the college.

Update:  Concerning RS 17: 1807
"§1807. Persons over fifty-five; exemption from tuition; fifty percent reduction in cost of textbooks

A. Any person age fifty-five years or over who registers for one or more courses of instruction at a public college or university in this state and who is a resident of this state shall be exempt from the payment of tuition and other registration fees and shall receive a fifty percent reduction in the cost of textbooks, reference books, manuals, and other aids to instruction which are required by any course in which such student is enrolled when purchased from a public college or university operated bookstore.

B. Any funds lost to any public college or university as a result of this Section shall be reimbursed to the college or university by the state.

C. The tuition exemption and reduction in textbook costs provided in this Section shall be provided only if and to the extent that there are sufficient funds appropriated by the legislature to reimburse the public college or university granting them.

Acts 1990, No. 824, §1, eff. July 24, 1990; Acts 1995, No. 307, §1."
This information was found at location.

Louisiana State University System -
These are the colleges and universities listed below that are a part of the Louisiana State University system.

Louisiana State University -
Contact Info: 225-578-2055
LSU Law Center-
Contact Info:  225.578.8646

LSU Agricultural Center-
Contact Info: This is a list of locations in 64 parishes.

LSU Pennington Biomedical Research Center-
Contact Info: 225.763.2500

University of New Orleans -
Contact Info: 504.280.6000
Golden Agers tuition waiver information can be found here. It is listed with the deceased veterans info.

LSU Shreveport -
Contact Info: 318.797.5363

LSU Alexandria -
Contact Info:  888.473.6417

Contact Info: 337.457.7311

LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans -
Contact Info: 504.568.4820

LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport -
Contact Info: 318.675.5561

Southern University System -
These are a list of the universities that make up the Southern University System.

Southern University and A&M College -
Contact Info: 225.771.2790

Southern University at New Orleans
Contact Info: 504.286.5000
* Information can be found on page 66 of this document .

Southern University at Shreveport -
Contact Info: 318.670.6000
*  Tuition waiver information for persons 55 and over here .

Southern University Law Center -
Contact Info: 225.771.2552


University of Louisiana System -
These are the colleges that make up the University of Louisiana System.

Grambling State University -
Contact Info: 318.247.3811

Contact Scholarships Office at P. O. Box 629, Grambling, LA 71245

Louisiana Tech University -
Contact Info: 318.257.2000 or Financial Aid: 318.257.2641

 McNeese State University -
Contact Info: 337.475.5065
*Information about senior citizen tuition waivers are found on page 104.

Nicholls State University -
Contact info: 985.448.4048
*Go to the bottom of the page to view tuition waiver information .

Northwestern State University of Louisiana -
Contact Info: 318.357.5961
* Senior citizen tuition information found here  .

Southeastern Louisiana University -
Contact Info: 985.549.2245
* Form for senior citizens tuition .  Senior citizen waiver information here on page 3.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette -
Contact Info: 337.482.1000

University of Louisiana at Monroe -
Contact Info: 318.342.5320


Louisiana Community and Technical College System

Baton Rouge Community College -
Contact Info:  225.216.8000
* The Young at Heart/50+ Program phone number -  225.216.8450

Bossier Parish Community College Delgado Community College -
Contact Info: 318.678.6000
* Senior citizen waiver information if you do not qualify for the Pell Grant.

Delgado Community College -
Contact Info: 504.671.5012

L.E. Fletcher Technical Community College -
Contact Info: 985.857.3659

Louisiana Delta Community College -
Contact Info: 318.345.9145
* For more information on the tuition waivers click here.

Louisiana Technical College -
@ Capital Area Technical College -
     @ Baton Rouge Campus-225.359.9204
     @ Folkes Campus, Jackson La -225.634.2636
     @ Jumonville Campus, New Roads, La - 225.638.8613
     @ Westside Campus, Plaquemine, La - 225.342.8228
     @ South Central Louisiana Technical College -

Nunez Community College -
Contact Info: 504.278.6200
* Tuition waiver information may be found on page 35 of this document.

River Parishes Community College -
Contact Info: 225.675.8270
South Louisiana Community College -
Contact Info: 337.521.8910
     @Lafayette Campus- 337.521.8896
     @New Iberia Campus 337.373.0185
     @Franklin Site  337 413.8146
     @EMS Academy 337.521.8929
Sowela Technical Community College -
Contact Info: 337.491.2688

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