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THE FIRST YEAR: MAKING THE MOST OF COLLEGE    2010 Florida State Statues :      1009.26Fee waivers.

 "A state university may waive any or all application, tuition, and related fees for persons 60 years of age or older who are residents of this state and who attend classes for credit. No academic credit shall be awarded for attendance in classes for which fees are waived under this subsection. This privilege may be granted only on a space-available basis, if such classes are not filled as of the close of registration. A university may limit or deny the privilege for courses which are in programs for which the Board of Governors has established selective admissions criteria. Persons paying full fees and state employees taking courses on a space-available basis shall have priority over those persons whose fees are waived in all cases where classroom spaces are limited."

More information about this statute can be found here in section 4.  Here are a list of colleges, universities, and community colleges for your convenience only.  These institutions May provide tuition waivers at their discretion.

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University-http://www.famu.edu/
Financial Aid: Tel: 850.599.3730

Florida Atlantic University-www.fau.edu/
Contact Info: 561.297.3040
*  They are know for providing the largest adult continuing education program in the United States which serves over 19,000 senior citizens.

Florida Gulf Coast University-http://www.fgcu.edu/
Financial Aid: 239.590.7920
* Senior citizens using waivers must register the Friday during the first week of class on a space available non-credit basis.

Admissions: 305.348.2363

Florida State University - http://www.fsu.edu/
Admissions: 850.644.6200

New College of Florida -http://www.ncf.edu/
Contact Info: 941.487.5000

University of Central Florida - www.ucf.edu/
Contact Info: 407.823.2000

University of Florida -http://www.ufl.edu/
Contact Info: 352.392.3261

University of North Florida - www.unf.edu/
Contact Info: 904.620.5555

University of South Florida-www.usf.edu/
Financial Aid: 813.974.4700

University of West Florida-www.uwf.edu/
Admissions : 850.474.2230
This is a list of Florida's 28 public colleges:

Contact Info: 828.883.8292

Broward College-http://www.broward.edu/
Contact Info: 954.201.7350

Chipola College-http://www.chipola.edu/
Contact Info: 850. 526.2761

College of Central Florida-http://www.cf.edu/
Contact Info: 352. 873. 5800

Daytona State College-http://www.daytonastate.edu/
Contact Info: 386.506.3000

Edison State College- http://www.edison.edu/
Admissions: 239.489.9121

Florida Keys Community College- http://www.fkcc.edu/
Contact Info: 305.296.9081

Florida State College at Jacksonville- www.fccj.edu/
Contact Info: 904.766.6500

Gulf Coast Community College- http://www.gulfcoast.edu/
Contact Info: 850.769.1551

Hillsborough Community College- http://www.hccfl.edu/
Contact Info:
Brandon Campus- 813.253.7835
Dale Mabry Campus-813.253.7235 
Plant City Campus-813.757.2105
Ybor City Campus-813.253.7763
SouthShore Center-813.259.6103 
District Administrative Offices-813.253.7159

Indian River State College- http://www.irsc.edu/
Contact Info: 866.792.4772

Lake City Community College- www.lakecitycc.edu/
Contact Info: 386.752.1822

Lake-Sumter Community College- http://www.lscc.edu/
Contact Info: 352.568.0001

Miami Dade College- http://www.mdc.edu/
Contact Info: 305.237.5000

North Florida Community College -http://www.nfcc.edu/
Contact Info:850. 973.1622

Northwest Florida State College- http://www.nwfsc.edu/
Contact Info: 850.678.5111

 Palm Beach State College-http://www.palmbeachstate.edu/
Contact Info: 561.868.3350

Pasco-Hernando Community College-http://www.phcc.edu/
Contact Info: 727.847.2727

Pensacola Junior College-http://www.pjc.edu/
Contact Info:
Warrington- 850.484.2200

Polk State College-http://www.polk.edu/
Contact Info: 863.297.1000

Santa Fe College-http://www.sfcollege.edu/
Contact Info: 352.395.7322

Seminole State College of Florida-http://www.seminolestate.edu/
Contact Info: 407.708.4722
South Florida Community College-http://www.southflorida.edu/
Contact Info: 863.453.6661

St. Johns River Community College-http://www.sjrcc.edu/
Contact Info: 386.312.4050

St. Petersburg College-http://www.spcollege.edu/
Contact Info: 727.341.4610

State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota -http://www.scf.edu/
Contact Info:
SCF Bradenton-941.752.5000
SCF Lakewood Ranch -941.363.7000
SCF Venice-941.408.1300

Tallahassee Community College-http://www.tcc.fl.edu/
Contact Info: 850.201.8750

Valencia Community College-valenciacc.edu
Contact Info: 407.299.5000

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  1. Beware of Nova's online program. They provide the courses needed for a degree & might drop you before completion of final requirements.

  2. "(4) A state university may waive any or all application, tuition, and related fees for persons 60 years of age or older who are residents of this state and who attend classes for credit. No academic credit shall be awarded for attendance in classes for which fees are waived under this subsection. "

    I don't understand the above subsection. Students who are 60 or above and who attend classes for credit are not awarded academic credit. What?

    1. I too, don't understand that one?! Doesn't make any sense...

    2. I am confused too. The two sentences are contradictory. I can tell you that I attend St. Pete College and have been told that I can take classes with the tuition waiver AND get a degree. I am working on a certificate and only have 5 credit hours to go.

    3. It's simple, if you don't understand what it means, you are not college material. But, for the dunce class, if you pay you get credit, if you don't pay and audit the class for free you do not get credit.

    4. Really now aren't you the idiot for answering someone that way?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. I'm the dunce class that asked the question and I've dropped the median IQ in Florida by moving back in 2014. I am a cum laud graduate in Chemistry, and have done graduate work in EE, Software Engineering, MBA, and Health Care Admin with a GPA of around 3.8+. Taught Math and EE at Nuclear Power School, maintained CT, Nuclear medical systems, wrote software in use by Boeing, National Science Foundation. I could go on. However, I sheepishly admit that I do not have a degree in bureaucratic double speak. The good news is that now that I'm in FL, I can take such a course for free.

    7. Bravo, Anonymous October 26, 2015 at 8:21 PM

  3. because Florida is a Republican state and they don't give a rats ass about the elderly the poor for the working class or blacks

    1. What an angry mean douchebag.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yes, the Florida Republican legislature is angry, mean and suffers terminal douchebaggery. Good observation.

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  7. Some classes are for credit/others are not. For instance a speech or a learning trip may not be offered for credit. Or some pre-college or introductory classes. The non-credit classes will/might also have a charge which you might have to pay for.

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