Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Colorado State University-http://registrar.colostate.edu/students/registration/seniorcitizen.aspx                        Registrar's Office (970) 491-7148
* If you are 62 years or older you may attend the university on a space available basis at no cost.  You are required to fill out the Senior Citizens Class Visitation Request that can be found at the aforementioned link.

University of Colorado-Boulder-http://www.colorado.edu/
Contact (303) 492-3712
* If you are 55 + you may audit classes for $10.00 per semester.

University of Colorado-Denver-http://www.ucdenver.edu/
Contact (303) 315-2110
* If you are 60+ you may enroll on a no credit audit basis with acceptance determined by space availibility and previous level of education.  Courses that are excluded are those requiring special equipment, computer courses, and those offered via the Division of  Extended Services.

     The information that I have obtained for the state of Colorado is that senior citizens can enroll in college for free or a discounted price, but only on a audit basis.  If anyone has any further information could you please comment to better serve our seniors requarding other schools in this state.
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